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Simeon Fox
Full Name: Simeon Fox
Nicknames: Fox
Birthdate: October 14, 1835
Current Age: 53
Occupation: Owner of Fox & Son
Reputation: 5 - He was upper class until his father disowned him, and does a bit of shady work in Knockturn Alley.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Pine, 9", rigid, single phoenix tail feather
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Middle
Family: Those he adopts into his brood.
Appearance: Fox stands at 5'9, with crystal blue eyes, peppered hair, and fair as Luna herself skin. He has a tendency of wearing black or navy blue robes as he is not quite a fan of the muggle clothing, unless on a woman of course. Something about corsets. He is neither stout nor wiry but rather a nice in between and his wand hand is left.  
History: “Simeon” was born as the second in a well to do family, given to a well to do nanny, and raised in a well to do nursery, but despite everyone’s best efforts he was not exactly, “well to do,” at least in their opinion. In fact, the only way to describe his behavior throughout his childhood was odd, peculiar, and sometimes downright scary.  As a baby he rarely cried, and he always stared at people with those piercing blue eyes and a rather mute expression.

His first display of magic occurred when he was two. His nanny walked into the kitchen to find him sitting on the floor a knife hovering above his lap, spinning with the point facing upwards. He did not appear to have any ill will towards others, rather he seemed quite content to let the blade glitter in the light of the sun peering through the window, but it sure was amusing hearing her scream. He smiled.

It wasn't that he was a late developer in his ability to speak, he simply never had much reason to speak with the help doting on him all the time and his parents constantly yammering above everyone else. He understood speech fairly well by the age of two, but his first word was not heard by anyone until age three, “Drop.” A benign word til one followed his gaze to the butler who had only moments ago fallen to the ground with a thud due to a heart attack, or so the good doctor claimed. The Nanny heard him as she was holding him when she rushed outside the nursery to see what had happened and quickly told him, “Shh Master,” and thus taught him a lesson if not proved his young mind's theory; he was likely to never forget: he was to be seen and not heard.

Thus, the oddities began from a very quiet boy who did much and said little, much to the misery of his caretakers and frustration of his parents. After all, he was master of hide and go seek, and seemed to hear all the staff’s whispers. When he turned 11 the Nanny had never been more pleased to hand him his Hogwarts letter, and his parents felt that perhaps the boarding school would help him come out of his shell and achieve some form of normalcy, and be less of a creep.

Hogwarts did help “Simeon” in it’s own little way, the sorting hat put him in Ravenclaw after a clever bit of banter through his mind, and it was among two other housemates where he made a connection. He didn’t need to say much of anything to them, they were as keen and observant as he was knowing that their own banter would get in the way of very important thoughts, and worse get them caught doing rather illegal deeds, like becoming an unregistered animagi, which “Simeon”  managed thanks to their help. (After all someone had to answer the questions, he couldn’t with a mandrake leaf in his mouth.) Needless to say he made it through all seven years of Hogwarts without much difficulty and with a number of questionable deeds thanks to his, “Near Silent Unison,” and a coded body language they devised.

A year after graduation a deadly stunt from the same Silent Unison brought their numbers from three to two, and in addition pushed his father into disowning him, but really it was all part of his plan. “Simeon” had no desire to be a part of the upper crest it was too visible, and he needed to be invisible if not outright grey for the work he had in mind. As for the old alliance dwindling in size? Well, three was more of a crowd. Unless, the third member was a creation of the remaining two.

“Simeon” changed his name officially to Simeon Fox, and opened a pawn shop on Knockturn Alley, which he called Fox & Son in preparation for his new family. Fate was cruel though, fate brought three down to two and beat him at his own game. Still he raised his son, he raised his son in a fashion that they could both be proud of.

Personality: Cunning, precise, confident, calculating, shrewd and an erudite.
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Age: 29
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