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Making a Splash
July 5th, 1889 — Padmore Pond
for an adult character
Ah, summer. Esteban wouldn't say he was especially fond of summer as a season but he did enjoy it. He had ventured into Hogsmeade for the day and found himself in Padmore Park. Perhaps it was the relative heat of the day but there were a couple of people swimming about. Or maybe they had fallen out of one of the paddle boats, Esteban didn't know. But the water looked awful inviting so he decided to jump in as well. "Why don't you come in, the water's fine," he called out to someone on the shore.

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Dark brown eyes that filled the soul with sweet desire turned to the water, and the man beckoning after her within it.  The mystery of who she was shrouded in cloth as even on a hot summer day Felicity was wrapped from head to toe in dirty grey cloth, but why? What could she be hiding? She seemed equally inquisitive about him, and looked to the oh so cool inviting water.

Her gaze ventured left, then right, then back at him, and moved towards the dock. She supposed a compromise could be made? "I'm sorry I, I didn't bring anything to swim in." Became her excuse as she sat by the dock side, "But I suppose my legs wouldn't hurt." A bead of sweat trickled down her brow into the shawl wrapped around her head.

First she took her boots off, then her stockings, and hoisted her skirts up to her knees before letting her feet and calves dip into the water. A soft moan of relief couldn't be helped. Her her legs were picturesque. Soft, smooth, supple in their curve with a hint of strength throughout the muscle.  The only thing not shrouded in cloth aside from her eyes and exposed legs was her slender hands that appeared to have not a day's work, odd seeing that the clothing she wore said otherwise. Could he convince her to go in further?

"What's your name?" If an angel ever spoke it would perhaps sound like her.

@Esteban Zavala

Esteban had no idea why the woman was so covered up nor did he really care, if he was quite honest. She had to be hot in that thing though so surely, she could use some cooling off. "I didn't, either," Esteban pointed out. He was still dressed in his every day clothes. He grinned when the woman seemed to be inclined to at least dip her toes into the cool water.

He did have to rise his brow a little at the way she hoisted up her skirts. A woman showing her ankles was considered too much in public and yet here she was, freely displaying all the way up to her knees. Not that he personally had a problem with it. "Esteban Zavala, miss. What is yours?" Esteban asked, not immune to the charms of her voice. She seemed familiar but he couldn't quite place it with the way she was shrouded.

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She let her legs paddle through the water as she remained seated on the dock. "Well, can't say I really care for wet clothes, the hot air charm always leaves them a bit stiff in the aftermath." She confessed. Her gaze slipped down as she watched the ripples around her ankles, she knew it was impolite society, but when had she ever tried to stick with society?

When her head tilted back up at the mention of his name the cloth concealing her face slipped down, revealing for the briefest moment exquisite beauty. Her eyes widened a nervous flare igniting in them and she went to splash him as she brought the cloth back up, hoping that was distraction enough not to be seen. "Angela." She responded in kind. He was a stranger after all, and her being who she was didn't need any more stalkers then what she already had.

"Fair enough," Esteban said, he personally just let things air dry. As she paddled her legs through the water, he rested his arms on the dock so that he could better converse with her.

He was a bit surprised when she splashed him though he had managed to catch the briefest glimpse of her. She was an utter beauty. "Angela, huh?" Esteban said, no he didn't know an Angela. Then again, he went through people of all genders but he doubted it was due to her having been in his bed that he recognized her voice from. He'd remember that face, at the very least. Oh well, a mystery then.

Instead, he returned her splashing by splashing her back. "Cheeky girl," he said with a chuckle.

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She gave a shriek and lifted her arm, "Ah! Hey mine was in self defense!" Though there was laughter to follow so she apparently didn't mind too much. "Air dry? You don't mind clothes sticking to you and squishing every time you step?" She shook her head and couldn't imagine. "Or what people may think when they look of you?" There was a smile in her eyes as she cast a look over at him.
Her laugh sounded like one one might hear from angels, Esteban personally thought. "No - I more meant that I apparate home and air dry my clothes there," Esteban explained. As soon as he had turned seventeen, he had worked towards getting his apparition license despite the fact he hadn't even finished Hogwarts. It had been a worthy investment.

"I do have to care what people think of me to an extent, I suppose," Esteban said in thought. "But for the most part, no. What's Witch Weekly going to do - list me as a bachelor to stay away from like they did for one of my blokes?" That article featuring Jude had been hilarious. And so long as he wasn't doing something scandalous like snogging his lovers in public or worse, shagging them like that one music chap had with that full veela then he was good to go.

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"Ah apparation, nifty trick that is," She didn't care for it though, had a few incidents where a friend had apparated her for the sake for time. It tended to make her queasy. "See that's funny, you say you don't care what the Weekly Wenches have to throw in your direction, yet you dare not do anything to evoke their ire." Her gaze gave way to a tease, and she kicked more water at him. "You, Mr. Bachelor, are just like all the rest of them. Ever keen to buck the system, but none too keen to make the first move." She sighed and looked out to a couple in a boat, "What do you do for a living Estaban?"
"You're one to talk. All shrouded like that, or are you a criminal in hiding?" Esteban said teasingly, not really all that concerned about what reasons she had to shroud herself. He wasn't about go into detail about the things he and his fellow merry band of activists got up to to 'buck the system' either. There were more ways to do that than to act like a moron in public. "I'm Captain of Puddlemere United. And I actually like my job so I can't act all wonton." He saved that for the bedroom. Or bathroom, whichever the case was.

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"More like so I don't attract criminals." She said but left it at that, her gaze never leaving him, "Ah a quidditch player." Quidditch players were fun from her experience, very athletic. "What position you fancy?" As her feet toyed in the water the shroud around her face slipped yet again and he would see a smirk, but her mind was else where and she hadn't quite noticed at this point giving him a glimpse of her flawless features.
"Sad to say but I know what you might mean," Esteban said with a sympathetic sigh. After all, a few of his dear friends were women. And they didn't always have it the safest, especially when leaving the pubs at night. Some men were utter beasts. Esteban was a rake but he at least assured the person in question was also very into things.

"I play keeper," Esteban stated. Her shroud slid and he saw perfectly why she might be worried. Her attire made it obvious that she was probably working class herself. Which was usually very badly paired with such beauty. So tragic that she had to hide such a visage simply to feel safe.  Would she let him help keep her safe? The thought came unbidden and he dismissed it from his mind. "Do you follow Quidditch?" He asked, since it sounded like she had at least a basic knowledge of the game.

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He was looking at her, the kind of look that a man could not really help in her presence and it was then she noticed the curtain had fallen away from her face once again, she sighed in agitation, "Bloody hell why won't this thing stay up." She shifted some as she tried to put it back in place, the heat showing as sweat formed on her brow and dripped down. Part of her longed to get further into the water.

"Keeper, so you like having things thrown in your direction?" She teased, "I feel like that would be the most miserable position, I mean surely the quaffle has to hurt yes?" Why anyone would want to get hit was a ball she'd never understand. Then came a shrug, "What I can catch from the patrons at the theatre." Her words were not being watched so closely by her own tongue.

"I can help you fasten it a little more securely if you like," Esteban offered, wanting ever so much to be helpful to her.

"Not really, the bludger is the one that hurts, not the quaffle." The quaffle was usually pretty light, really. "Oh, which theatre?" There was more than one around - the de Montefault one or whatever it was called and the one he tended to drop in on every now and then when in the mood for extra entertainment.

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