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Not So Normal Morning
July 5, 1889 - Jewell Distilleries, Diagon Alley

It was supposed to be a normal day. There should have been nothing to call Florence to the store front in London. But here she was talking with a team of aurors and looking over the mess. Bottles of firewhiskey were smashed on the shelves, puddles of inventory surrounded their feet and the strong smell of alcohol and flavors mixed together in a heady scent. It looked as if a creature (or a rouge spell) had been set loose on the shopfront.

With the boys in Hogsmeade and Sterling caught up in the backroom and their employee off for a few days it had come down to Florence to open the shop. She had arrived early this morning, dawn’s pale fingers starting to paint the sky, the warmth of the summer day not yet seeping in. It had been a good morning until she had let herself into the shop to find the chaos that now surrounded them. The cost to inventory alone was going to be bad, Florence didn’t even want to know just how much the whole ordeal would cost them.

You had some questions?” Florence directed from the group of aurors who had approached her. Already Sterling and Julep were being questioned leaving Florence to answer the lead’s own questions.

@Benedict Sterling
What a mess...

Ben looked around at the shop. Sure, he liked whiskey as much as any lad, but this? One could get drunk off the fumes alone. He did his best to ignore the acrid smell of too much alcohol that pooled around him. It was easier to do that than avoid the crunch his boots made as he inevitably walked over the smashed glass of the bottles. No spell could repair this. What a to do.

The auror opened his bag and sent a quill and parchment to zoom around the room, scrawling details down for a more detailed report. He approached the woman in charge, a beautiful redhead who stood in the middle of it all. She looked rather composed for the situation at hand however he could see the frustration and the reality of the scene sink in.

As the others were taken elsewhere to be questioned, Ben stayed with her, taking out a piece of parchment and his own quill to scribble notes on. "I did," he began, casting a sympathetic glance around them. In these situations, he found it best to adopt an air of order and sophistication. "Madam is there anything that occurred in the past few days - even weeks - to give you a clue as to who might have done this?"

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