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"Wolf-Man" Found In Bartonburg
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
July 3rd, 1889
"Wolf-Man" Found In Bartonburg
Young Woman "Terrorized"

A creature who appeared to be mostly humanoid with distinct canine-like features was discovered in the streets of Bartonburg yesterday evening.

Miss Katherine Russell, daughter of the infamous murderer Thomas Russell, who now lives in Bartonburg, was walking home from a shopping trip when she encountered the creature. After several "terrifying" moments alone with him, they were joined by Mr. Ace Lukeson, who was able to explain the situation to the constables who arrived on scene shortly thereafter.

The so-called "wolfman" is one Charles Operine, of Hogsmeade, a friend of Mr. Lukeson's. The two were allegedly experimenting with potions when Operine ingested one and caused himself to morph into the creature that so startled Miss Russell.

Mr. Operine has been admitted to the potions and plant poisoning ward of the Hogsmeade Hospital, where healers are attempting to reverse the effects of the potion, working backwards from a list of ingredients Mr. Lukeson was able to provide.

A Ministry official who was forced to get involved in order to file a report on the incident cautioned others against similar experiments in the future: "Magic is not a toy for idle boys with too much time and money on their hands to fool around with. It's a powerful tool, and it can have disastrous effects when you don't know how to use it properly."

Despite the harsh remarks, neither Lukeson nor Operine will face any consequences for their behavior, as no damage was done over the course of the incident (except, perhaps, lasting damage to Operine's appearance).
Ian Pengloss
Written by Lynn

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