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PANIC! No disco. Just panic.
June 19th, 1889, Evening — PSYR Accommodations, Bombay
"Get. It. Off!" she ordered through heavy breaths, tears dotting the corners of her eyes as she tore uselessly at her dinner dress. There would be no ball for her, not tonight: four of her guests had, it seemed, gone missing in transit, and Evelyn's concern for their well-being was dwarfed entirely by her own overwhelming panic at things having gone so terribly and utterly wrong. This two-day excursion was to be her crowning glory. Instead, it had swiftly and startling confirmed what Evey had always, deep down, believed to be true: she was a failure.

A failure that, now, might have left blood on her hands.

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She ought to have known India would be a terrible bloody idea. It was nothing but heat and heathens as far as she knew and now Verity could add to its detriments that it had thrown her mistress into a full-blown panic, the sort she hadn’t had for long enough that Verity had forgotten quite how horrible it was to watch.

Well, she couldn’t bring those women back from wherever the whims of the world had taken them but she could help with this!

“I’ve got it,” Verity replied in a level voice, fingers working at the double to undo buttons, tugging a few of them loose when they wouldn’t cooperate immediately. She could mend them later, Mrs Abercrombie needed her now. “Take a breath.”
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The gown's pressure relieved, a gust of air filled her lungs, though did little to abate the feeling of panic as she gasped greedily for oxygen.

Take a breath? Evelyn took hundreds, thousands, each strengthening her body while weakening her mind's grasp upon reason.

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lady is kind of amazing.
“Slower,” Verity instructed calmly, leading the other woman towards the edge of the bed and sitting them both down, her arm firmly wrapped around Mrs Abercrombie’s back. The household would likely baulk if they knew how close she habitually got to her mistress, but theirs was hardly a normal relationship – she reached up to cup the other woman’s cheek, turning her face gently. “Breathe with me,” she said, making a show of taking a long deep breath in before letting it out.
Though hardly accustomed to taking orders from the help, in this, Travers was a lifesaver. It was not the first time that the socialite had not been able to stem the tide of panic without assistance, and while Evelyn thought in this moment that she would probably die, when cooler heads prevailed she would be able to acknowledge it would not be the last.

To herself, at least. No one else could know her secrets.

Though she did her best to soothe her breathing as directed, her inhales and exhales both were still ragged with nerves, her eyes wide and imploring as she stared into the lady's maid's own.

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