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All Wet and Bothered
July 1st, 1889 - The Black Lake
@Marlena Scamander
It looked as though the summer would go off without a hitch this year. Of that, Gideon was immensely grateful. Going a whole summer without magic again would have been a bit ridiculous. He didn't need any more bad press about his wands being faulty even though he knew they weren't. But, as it was, he'd had to deal with demands of brand new wands being made. It was a bit annoying, really, but he couldn't be dishonest. And as a result, he'd nearly diminished a variety of his cores.

Leaving his new shop clerk in charge during his lunch hour, a bit after a normal lunch hour, Gideon had gone on his way to Padmore Park with the intention of chatting up his favorite mermaids. A few shiny baubles and other interesting bits were tucked away in his pocket so that he could broker a trade with the lovely scaled ladies. With any luck, he'd return with enough scales and strands of hair to replenish his stock.

It didn't take long for him to get carried away in chatting with them, the mermish flowing smoothly off his tongue. It wasn't the most elegant of languages, not above water anyways, but he had found he quite enjoyed it. Of course, he was simply chattering sweet nothings to the ladies in an attempt to woo them further into giving him literal bits of themselves. They had learned to see past his charms years ago but they still indulged him more often than not. As he was working to wrap up the conversation, a familiar voice rang out behind him. And, with that, something happened that the mermaids would never forget.

He'd already been crouched down a bit precariously, having intended to stand up soon, so the sudden sound of a feminine voice not speaking mermish was enough to startle him and send him tumbling into the water. Sputtering, he waded in the murky waters and heard the gleeful cackling of the mermaids that were still there as they clearly enjoyed his misfortune. Wiping at his face to clear the water from his eyes, he looked up to where the voice had rang out to fall on the features of a woman he hadn't seen for some time.

"Care to join me for a refreshing swim?" he asked, crooked grin and all in an attempt to cover his more than obvious blunder.
Marlena had been all-but forced from the dig-site a little under an hour ago and had spent every minute since stomping around the outskirts of the village, intermittently apparating somewhere new each and every time she began to get looks from passers-by. It was ridiculous to say that she was overworked – surely she was the only person who ought to be able to judge that?! Wasn’t she making more progress than any of her colleagues?

That was probably why she had been told to go home, Lena thought with a snort of derision. Merlin help any woman who visibly did better than the men around her!

She found herself on the edge of the lake, always a solid spot for reflection given that so few people tended to walk nearby, but Marlena had always thought that a foolish mistake. There were many things in the Black Lake, that was true enough, but it was a calm, tranquil site…probably because so many people were wary of it so in hindsight the fact that there was only one other person in the vicinity was a good thing. She narrowed her eyes…didn’t she know him? Hadn’t she drunk an inordinate amount of whiskey with him once while he talked about wand cores and she came as close as she ever had to wanting to see a gentleman again?

“What are you doing?!” She shouted towards him, immediately curious as to what a grown man would be up to crouching by the side of a lake, but she took another step and saw what, or rather who, was commanding his attention.

And he promptly fell in the water.

With a gasp Marlena ran forward, fearing the worst from what she knew of merfolk and how they felt about human, and she half expected to find a body floating lifelessly on the surface of the water, or to find no body at all. Instead she found a familiar face peering at her from the surface, clearly fine and well apart from his soaking and she let out a laugh of relief, leaning forwards to rest her hands on her knees to recover from her sprint and the panic that had bubbled inside her.

“You couldn’t pay me to go in that lake.”

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