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Class Mobility
Hello all! So I have been wondering how someone goes about moving classes as 'new money', rather than rising in the ranks due to marriage. I'm sure that what job a character has does play as a factor, but I'm still curious.

One of the main reasons I bring this up is that @Rosie Binns's husband Hugo has his eyes set on the UC community, and I was wondering how long it would actually take him to rise in the ranks. Rosie was pressured into making UC lady friends in 1872. And she has a sponsor that has allowed her to be part of The Rose & Thistle club for IDK-how-many years.

"Hugo often scoffs at his brother's "achievements," and he seems to engage in a one-sided competition about who is doing better.  He has moved up in the ranks, and is on the cusp of moving up a class due to either his profession and/or business ventures."

- Quote from Hugo's adoption ad

I'm sure it's different for certain characters, so I'm also curious as to what factors play in for different characters with different jobs/social lives/etcetera.

Magic by MJ!

(Warning, iPad posting during lunch)

This is a bit of a difficult question because it’s one thing to have upper class money, it’s another thing to be accepted into the upper crust. There’s a reason society is what it is; we as people accept those who are similar to us and often balk at those who are different/strange/etc. Any agressive social climber might be seen as “too ambitious” and just trying to gain the title. People tend to close up when they think someone is trying to be similar to them without gaining their respect. If they re climbing just to be seen as UC, then that’s one thing. You could also have a MC / WC character suddenly get a lot of money from a distant relative and have enough to become UC, but that might not mean they are seen by society as UC.

If you’ve read the book Crazy Rich Asians they have a similar concept where people from old money are seen as more elite; they look down on Americans with new money (re: money gain in the past like 50-100 yrs) and see it as a cheap grab.

So it might just depend on who your character is, like you said. A “Your mileage may vary” situation.

So my UC character could be completely fine and respect the hustle if they were of a business mindset and had similar values as the social climber and accept them, but that doesn’t mean another of my UCcharacters would if they don’t like people like that.

There’s also culture and society to consider: Americans at this time might admire that robust nature, but people in British society would not. However, I’m not a history buff or anything so I could be totally wrong :P

Not that any of this is set in stone but it’s just my musings.
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^ what Lady said, and also:

Thom for one is pretty openly two-sided about a lot of things (for example, he's totally fine with women playing Quidditch when it's a talented woman playing for Puddlemere, but publicly mocks the Holyhead Harpies on the reg). He'd probably gladly and enthusiastically make a business deal with someone who was 'new money', but wouldn't include them in his social sphere. He might invite them to some of his larger events if they seem personable, but those would probably be events where he's inviting select upper-MC folks anyway. They definitely aren't getting to be his best friend, because his best friends are people he's known since he was three who were in all the same UCPB playdates that he was.

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