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I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere
June 25th, 1889 — Fudges' Private Residence, Sanditon Resort
"I have just had a chat with the most interesting fellow!" Herbert noted brightly as he entered the parlour through the bookcase.

In truth, the man had been something of a zealous nut, but Herbert had always held a fondness for behaviours he deemed 'eccentric'. One could mock the unusual, fear the unusual, or embrace the unusual—and as "the unusual" himself, the ghost had always erred towards the latter.

"Born and raised not two miles from here, and yet, poised for what sounds like a marvelous adventure!"
@Arven Fisk; also open to @Winifred Fudge and @Somersby Fudge if they so desire!

who doesn't want a ghost dad?hear the sea's siren call
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Returning a novel to where he’d found it in the parlour, Arven quirked a brow as his dearly departed brother-in-law drifted through the bookshelf. He took a slight step back; he’d never get used to that.

”Go on”, he encouraged Herbert, nevertheless struck by considerable interest. The fellow in question sounded quite like one of Arven.
"Apparently," the ghost offered conspiratorially, glad for a captive audience, "that wizards' church—Magical Justin or some such—is planning a trip off to Africa."

Herbert's eyes lit up at the very mention of it; as a magizoologist, he had traveled to the continent, to the Orient, but never to the wilds of Africa! What an adventure such a journey would be!

who doesn't want a ghost dad?hear the sea's siren call
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Arven had been a little quiet since his unexpected trip to St Mungo's the other day (not that he'd told his family about that), but his brother-in-law had a habit of making him smile. So he smiled at Herbert's enthusiasm, vaguely thinking it'd be nice if his family were this passionate about Arven's own adventures.

But he quirked a brow — "A church?" he repeated curiously, having never heard of the expedition. "For sermonising, I don't doubt?" Arven had met British evangelist groups on his travels before, and often he got the impression they were... missing the point somewhat.
Herbert’s knowledge of religion was, generally, limited to “muggles practice many different ones” and “Freddie is Jewish, whatever that means”. The chap had tried to explain the purpose of the voyage to him, but Herbert had been far too focused upon the adventure of it all to focus on those particular details.

“Apparently, these Africans require saving!” He answered. He wished the fellow had been more specific as to where in Africa the voyage would travel. “How heroic of them to go on a rescue mission.”
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who doesn't want a ghost dad?hear the sea's siren call
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Given the twin subject matter, the word saving didn't much elucidate the purpose of the trip. Like Herbert, Arven didn't know much about Christianity, but was at least aware they preached the word of their deity while also maintaining a conservative moralism. They probably wanted to enhance the natives' wellbeing and, er... save their souls.

"Well — erm... quite", Arven eventually agreed, not having the heart to dampen Herbert's enthusiasm with a ramble on religious hypocrisy. "So what do you say, old chap — are you going along?"

Arven was not clear on the restrictions of the spirit realm, but had all the respect in the world for those who could turn death into the next great adventure.
He held up his translucent arms with a smile, the latter of which had the hint of regret about it. Would that he could, Herbert thought, but he was clearly missing one key prerequisite.

"I don't think these old arms are much use for rescuing the natives," he answered, his tone wistful, "but oh, what an adventure it should be. Why, if I were still corporeal, I should be the first on deck—and it's the Avalon that's sailing, the one that went missing for all those years...such an adventure..."

who doesn't want a ghost dad?hear the sea's siren call
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Arven regarded his brother by law with a mixture of affection and… well, something more complicated. He certainly didn’t pity the fellow, which was something given that he was verily deceased, but he was impressed by Herbert’s special brand of optimism. So perpetually topped-up and ready to spill over at a moment’s notice.

”Perhaps I should go in your honour, then”, he responded at last. ”And bring back a story or ten.”
Ever since Somersby had told his father he intended to work for the ministry and the subsequent deal had been struck, things had been awkward between the father and son. In fact Somersby spent more time avoiding his father (a task which was difficult given his father’s propensity for gliding through walls) than almost anything else. Somersby would have been quite content if he hadn’t heard his uncle’s words as he passed the parlor doorway.

Perhaps I should go in your honor, then, and bring back a story or ten.” Somersby stopped in his track and looked in at his father and uncle speaking. Surely his father couldn’t have been intending to travel with Somersby, could he? Did he not think that Somersby could manage on his own? Did he believe so little in Somersby that he would send Uncle Arven with him to the continent? Apparently last summer meant absolutely nothing to his over protective father. Somersby grit his teeth. There would be no way to find out unless he faced his father.

Squaring his shoulders Somersby attempted a placid look as he entered the room. “Going somewhere Uncle Arven?” He asked, avoiding his father’s gaze and focusing on his uncle as if Arven Fisk were the only person in the room.

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Herbert's face lit up like a chandelier at the prospect. The next best thing to having one's own adventures, he thought, was to hear about them from one who was just so good at adventuring. He had long envied his brother-in-law's globetrotting ways—not insofar as wishing them for himself, of course, but in the way that one might envy a friend's jolly good fortune. He knew Arven would do the
expedition properly. He was just about to say as much when Somersby entered.

"Your uncle is off to Africa!" he answered brightly.

who doesn't want a ghost dad?hear the sea's siren call
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Arven grinned roguishly, and would've given Herbert an affectionate thump on the shoulder if such a thing were possible. But he was momentarily distracted by the arrival of Somersby. He'd already seen him since arriving back in Sussex, but the boy’s height and burgeoning good-looks still took him by surprise.

Boy no more.

”Yes, your old man did a quick job of persuading me”, he added with a smile. And sure enough, Arven had not woken up this morning expecting to leap onboard a ship any time soon.

”Shall I bring you anything back?” he asked his nephew, leaning against the writing desk. ”A mask, a Baobab seed, a thirty-foot rock python…”
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Africa? Somersby was surprised by the location. “Why Africa?” He suspected his father had something to do with plan, although Uncle Arven did tend to go on a great many trips to odd places. Although he was relieved his father had not actually decided he needed a babysitter.

Of course, it came no surprise that his father had convinced his uncle of this trip. “No. I’m quite alright with only stories” He wasn’t a child anymore after all. Although even he had to admit they sounded cool. He didn’t need a souvenir animal to make his father doubt his determination to work for the Ministry.
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He’d been hoping to coax a smile out of his handsome nephew, but no such luck. Arven took that as a challenge.

But he could, at least, answer his question. Why Africa…? ”Because your father has deemed it so”, he replied, shooting Bertie an amused glance.

”Do let me tell you a little about Africa, Somersby. Or, at least, what I know so far…”

And thus, if Somersby so humoured him, began a ramble into what he knew of the great continent and its bountiful offerings; in fact painting a picture so persuasive that Arven would indeed be found on that ship some while later, sailing for the great beyond and absorbing tales to later be shared around a lively family table.

-fade out-

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