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Curiosity Killed the Cat
June 20th, 1889; Dusk — Dig Site, Near Hogsmeade

Most young housemaids in her acquaintance spent their evening's off with family, fancy-men, friends. Imogen Fox, though, was not a housemaid, not tonight: clad in boys' clothes, her brunette tresses tucked beneath a cap, she had become just another passer-by, making her way through the village, down the lane, and across the field, finding a vantage point in the long grass. Two aurors that she could see remained at the dig site, though those actually working on the excavation had long since gone home to their suppers, their own families. The crater left by the explosion not a fortnight prior was evident, and parts still seemed to be emitting small, lilac-colored plumes of smoke, though that might have been a trick of the light, the sun having nearly completed its nightly descent.

Investigate was all the note had said, and it had taken a week for Imogen to be able to do just that. It had been a welcome direction: as soon as she heard about the explosion—and had heard the explosion itself—the young witch had found herself intrigued. How close could she get, she wondered, without being stopped? The aurors, though she could not make out their faces from such a distance, seemed to have rather a relaxed posture...

Rising to a crouch, Imogen began her progression towards the edge of the crater.

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Logically Marlena knew it was a terrible idea to stay after hours at the dig site with only a few aurors for company but being unable to resist a mystery was a failing she had yet to amend in her character. She was technically amongst the small group of people who had been chosen to investigate but they had been gently encouraged to leave several hours ago and yet here she was and here she intended to stay breathing in the strangely floral smoke.

Marlena sat cross-legged on the edge, hunched into her cloak, staring into the dark shadows inside the crater as though they would eventually give up their secrets to her. Perhaps they might yet? Perhaps one simply needed to be in the right frame of mind before-

“Who’s there?” She snapped, moving her wand at breakneck pace to light up the area where she was quite sure she had heard footsteps.

It was a boy.

“What are you doing here?”

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Imogen froze, a doe that had scented prey. Though her first thought was to bolt, she knew she would not make it far; wand-light was already upon her, meaning she was well and truly within range of a stunner. Damn.

The witch took a deep breath before rising slowly to her feet and turning. The witch who had spoken looked not only as though she actually belonged at the dig site, but also as though she would have no qualms about using the wand presently pointed in Imogen's direction. Double damn.

"Was just curious, ma'am," she offered as meekly as she could, not meeting the other woman's eyes. With her head tilted down, Imogen knew the brim of her cap would cover the bulk of her face. "All this fuss...can hardly be blamed for lettin' it get the better of me..."

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Marlena snorted and relaxed her wand – she could hardly criticise that instinct when the very same thing had led her to be sitting in the dirt when by rights she should have been in her bed. Perhaps she was just getting jumpy? There was definitely something odd about the crater, even if she didn’t know what it was yet, and quite apart from her fascination there was also a deep vein of suspicion in Lena was to what that something was and whether it was benign.

“There’s not much more to know besides what’s in the Prophet already,” her eyes flicked to the lad and she wondered momentarily whether he could read before dismissing it as not being her problem. She furrowed her brow. “Where it also says members of the public should keep away… Are the aurors not where they should be?” She asked, squinting in the darkness as she looked for familiar outlines.

[Image: bYThY1.png]
Incredible set by MJ <3
"Readin' is one thing, if you can, but seein' with your own eyes..." she trailed off with a shrug, a useless gesture in the dim light; the woman had relaxed her wand, casting Imogen back into the shallow end of the shadows. Still, the would-be thief knew she was lucky: her answers, thus far, had all been the right ones, and it was important that she keep it that way.

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Schemes are afoot! Graphics by MJ

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