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Of Spice and Serpents
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June 19th, 1889 — the Streets of Bombay

The first thing Evelyn Abercrombie had noticed was the heat.

While the hotel had had in place various weather charms to ensure a comfortable breeze almost perpetually rustling the skirts of its patrons, the city itself proved very different on that score. The dampness of the air clung to her skin like a shroud, her strands frizzing defiantly against hairpins. She had, Evey learned upon her arrival that morning, scheduled her excursion for monsoon season, and while the rains had not come yet, their threat lay heavy in the air. How anyone could live her was a wonder to the Englishwoman!

In spite of her supreme discomfort, Evelyn was doing her best to put on a happy face for the small group that had accompanied her with this particular guide—a Mr. Jenkins, previously of Sussex—to the marketplace. To its credit, the city was rather remarkable, it's primitive trappings obscured—or at least made more charming—by the sheer exoticism of it.

"Feel this!" she insisted of one of the other ladies as she held the bolt of silk for their inspection. "I daresay even Lytton himself would be impressed by its quality!" Perhaps, the witch thought, she ought to bring some home with her—no doubt it would save her a few galleons in the long term, and Regina really ought to have something more lavish for the upcoming summer... 
Open to up to three women who would be attending! See event for details.

so you wanna be a rose?

lady is kind of amazing.
Having family in Singapore made Diana not too much of a stranger to the high humidity, though this weather counted India and Singapore perfectly matched in her book. She was quite certain that Evelyn Abercrombie had outdone herself with their accommodations. Being an alumna of the school had Diana marked as an automatic attendee for most of their events. Match that with her family's presence in society, the debutante was well acquainted with events of the upper crust. It took quite a lot to impress her when it came to event after event.

It was thus that her interest was piqued when she heard The Annual Rose Tea had been located to Bombay. So far, she'd observed quite a lot of the upper crust society of India and was well and truly awed at the vibrancy she'd witnessed. For this particular excursion, she'd elected to keep Athena at home; the sweltering heat would simply not do for the small terrier who was at least used to the cooling charms her mistress elected to use at home during the summer months.

Corsets thus tightly cinched and hats donned with not a feather out of place, the group continued into the market. Diana was casting a look about – these markets reminded her of those in Singapore with their decadent smells wafting from every direction – when her attention was drawn by the group's organizer. She glanced down at the offered bolt of fabric and her eyes widened slightly at the vibrancy of the bolt. "Oh how exquisite!" she exclaimed, reaching out a gloved hand to stroke the fabric. "What a find, Mrs. Abercrombie, I do think you've the right idea in claiming some of these bolts for our own." Her eye was caught by a beautiful bolt of pastel blue spun with gold, and she laughed. "I daresay I'll whiplash from looking in every direction at all that this city has to offer."

Were it not for the fact she was in a group of well-established people, Diana rather thought she'd like to go running through the streets, taking in the food, items of trade and scents all at once!
Bombay was an unending parade of delights the likes of which Minnie had only ever seen imitated in the occasional travellers that came to Hogsmeade. What they had not been able to conjure up was the assault on the senses that Minnie found as intoxicating as anything she had ever known before; some of the other women had demurred at the thought of stepping onto the street of their host city but she had been so eager it was a wonder her cousin had not chastised her for fidgeting in her seat during their earlier tea. It was everything she had imagined and more – the spice on the warm air that felt as though it was caressing her skin, infusing her with its taste, the bustle all around them of a hundred people Minnie didn’t know and the feeling that she was finally, finally seeing something of the world.

“I think such an injury would be worth it for all this splendour,” Minnie laughed as she took in the silks, eyes immediately drawn to a bolt of peacock blue hidden underneath a damson roll that struck such a beautiful contrast that Minnie immediately decided if she purchased one she simply had to get the other for Emma: something that gloriously dramatic had no business not belonging to her sister.

“That blue would look perfect on you Diana,” Minnie eyed the other thoughtfully for a moment before grinning and leaning closer to her cousin’s ear. “And that grey trimmed with…that white there Evelyn, would be wonderful for you.

Minnie’s eyes widened as she beheld a whole other stand stacked with bolts that towered over them. “Perhaps this is where Mr Lytton shops?”

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no, really MJ is just showing off at this point

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