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June 13th, 1889 — Padmore Park
Xavier was never particularly fussed about where and when he spent his time. He was pretty free to roam about as he pleased. Today, he had ended up in Padmore Park and was enjoying the June air. He had brought along a few breadcrumbs for the ducks and a bigger piece of bread for himself. Xavier was contemplating going out on one of those paddle boats. Then again, would he need a partner for that? Bummer, if so.  His attention was pulled away from the pond by a small sound of what he assumed was pain. "You all right there?" He asked, wondering if the other person had knocked themselves into the bench or something.


Felicity appeared as Phil, a young man with a bit of a beard wearing simple clothing: trousers, a workman's shirt, vest, tie, and brown rutty robes on top of all that. He had given a slight if not less than manly growl of annoyance as his robes snagged on the bark bench nail. He paused and looked up, "Heh, uh yes." He had a deep voice and quite the pronounced adam's apple. His dark brown locks pulled up under a hat and dark brown eyes surveyed the other's male figure. "You'd think someone would repair this hunk of fire wood hmm? Or at least the nails for coffins?" He suggested jokingly. There was a wry smile and a twinkle in his eye. He was charming in an odd sort of way, eccentric really. "Name's Phil, Philip Gallagher." He put out a hand, "Shake a poor devil's hand, or perhaps too good of a sir?" The man challenged. He didn't seem to realize his upper thigh as bleeding, apparently that rusty nail that snagged his robes had snagged him as well.

"Certainly. Especially when one considers all the 'fundraisers' the uppity ladies throw to go towards repairing it." More often than not, those things were just another thing for the richy rich to socialize with each other. "I recognize you... The Golden Hearth?" Xavier asked curiously. "I may not be poor but I sure have been compared to the devil. Never too good to shake a mans hand." All in all, Xavier was pretty indescriminate with his friendship and socializing. Besides, there was something especially charming about the other man.

"You seem to be bleeding," he stated, looking down in mild concern.
Phil chortled, "You and I are two of a kind, heads and tails, with an eye for the light!" He was amused to say the least about the truth of charities, a bunch of rubbish really. Unfortunate. His smile faded for but a moment before flipping back on in a brilliant pearly white glow. Odd how someone of such unkempt taste could appear so pristine.

"Ah yes, yes, I am indeed the proprietor? Been there have you? Enjoyed our fare? I say tonight should be our best yet!" Phil insisted, a hand clasping each lapel, but then his pride was deflated as blood was mentioned.

"Pardon?" His gaze then dropped to his trousers, "Oh, so I am. Well, nothing a little bit of cloth won't fix." He pulled out his wand and gave the fabric a slice with the utterance of a word then took a seat and tied it around the wound. When he was done, his leg had a bow tie. "We'll call it my better half, what do you say?! The one eyed snake's cousin I dare say!" He laughed yet again.

Xavier could not help a chuckle at the mans string of words. "I have. I am there quite regularly to the chagrin of my more affluent peers, I'm sure." Xavier's reputation - unlike the other mans pearly whites - was far from pristine. He loved to live life too freely for the comfort of normal society.

"I could also cast Episkey for you if you're without a wand," Xavier offered. Not everyone carried it about, that much he knew. As it was, Xavier was quite charmed by the lively man he was speaking with.

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