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Cousin, How Have You Been?
June 13, 1889 - Lukeson House
It had been quite the crazy past couple of years. Death and people coming 'back to life'. Now this so-called wedding. It seemed rather ridiculous to Edgar. So he decided to chat with his cousin about the matter.

And hence why he was now waiting in the parlor for her. As a young man, sort of, he didn't need a chaperone like his sisters did. Though he had still gotten permission from his parents before leaving. He smiled at his cousin when she came into the room. "Hello Avril. How are you?"

@Avril Lukeson

When she heard that Edgar was waiting for her in the parlor, Avril abandoned whatever she'd been doing (which had mostly just been her making herself sick over her latest vision concerning Ace, and her upcoming wedding that she still didn't want) and made her way form where she'd been.

The redhead smiled at her younger cousin as she moved to give him a welcoming hug. "Oh, I've been better." she replied, taking a step back after the hug. "And how have you been?"

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It certainly was nice to see his cousin again. One of the ones he had an easy time talking to, anyway. He hugged her back, of course. Then he sat down once the hug was over.

"A bit bored. Not much to do over summer. Is this what it's going to be like when I'm out of school?" A good start to the conversation. Something normal, which seemed to be a scarce reality for the Lukeson family.

Avril gave a small shrug as she sat across from him. "You find things to do." Of course, by things she meant 'get in trouble and have to take antiquate lessons for months' (but that was probably specific to her). It isn't quiet as boring when you can do magic." She should know. Almost a full year of not being able to legally use magic had caused the year to go by at a snail's pace.

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