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Our Divine Mission
June 16, 1889 - Hogsmeade Hall; Church Luncheon After Service
It was a wonderful day indeed. Service was, as always, quite wonderful. And Earth couldn't help but be excited by the ever approaching of the mission trip. Her publisher had agreed that this new book was an excellent idea.

One thing did leave a hint of a problem, though one she would not share. She believed that she was pregnant. A hint of tightening her corset, just in case, was one way to help her go unnoticed. Her husband knew, of course. It took some convincing to get him on board for her still going. But she felt that God would want her to go. Spread the word and write about it for when she came back.

But she kept this to herself. Simply because her husband allowed her to go did not mean everyone would. So she continued to think of the wonderful opportunity. Was this how Jupiter and Saturn felt? Perhaps.

She smiled brightly at one of the fellow churchgoers. "Excited for the mission trip? Will you be attending?" She asked in her ever bright and happy voice.

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During the training program, Adam had Sundays off, which meant he was always free to attend either the services in Hogsmeade or in Irvingly. His summer internship also allowed him Sundays free, which was a blessing. He had no illusions that he'd be able to keep the day open for church after he graduated and became an auror, but hopefully he'd be able to fill in the gaps with bible studies or fellowship meetings. In the meantime, he was happy to be able to attend the service every Sunday. He spent a few moments after the service talking with people here and there as they dispersed; it was important to have a sense of community, a sense of belonging, with the church family. It was one of the things that had attracted him to the church in the first place, honestly, and he felt that these connections were important to keep everyone accountable and on the right path.

He didn't know the woman who had addressed him particularly well, but had seen her at the service before. "Yes, I am," he said with a nod and a slight smile (though he thought her choice of words was strange — did one attend a mission trip? Wasn't it a little more... participation-based than just a church service?) "And you?"
Earth enjoyed getting to know others. Both inside and outside of the community. As an author, it was nice to have more time for the church. When her children were more fussy, one of her siblings was typically happy to keep an eye on them if they didn't attend themselves.

Attending didn't seem like an odd choice of words to her. Perhaps participating might have been more appropriate. But she didn't have a need to discuss her choice of words, though would have not been bothered to do so if asked. "I will. And I shall be writing about our experiences there, though my main focus will be the plants of the area." Some members of the church knew that she was an author, so didn't see a reason to explain further unless the gentleman asked.

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Her response struck Adam as even more odd than the initial question. Her main focus was the plants? He had done passably well in Herbology — enough to get himself in to the auror training program — but had never had a particular love of gardening. Even if it had been his primary passion, however, he couldn't imagine signing up for this mission trip and focusing on anything other than the souls. That was the whole point of going, wasn't it? This wasn't some sort of fancy holiday. It was a mission trip; they were there on a mission.

He didn't want to say anything, though, because maybe he was misunderstanding the situation. He'd never been on a trip like this before, so maybe he was picturing it incorrectly. He thought it would be entirely service-oriented, but maybe there would be more... leisure time, for lack of a better word. Time to focus on the plants. Whatever the case, one thing was evident in his opinion: this woman came from a much more privileged background than he did. Adam made a mental note to ask Wendell about her later. Wendell spent so much time with the Reverend Dursley that he tended to know more about the various members of the congregation than Adam did, particularly if it wasn't someone Adam was likely to interact with regularly. He didn't want to be gossipy, but he was a little curious about this... plant-lady.

"That will be nice," he answered, though his voice lacked conviction. Privately, he thought if she wanted to write about experiences and plants she really wanted to go on a weekend fern-hunt.
Of course, the author had not realized that she had misspoken a little. Of course the plants wouldn't be the main focus of her entire trip. Just of her writing. Not that she was really thinking about that. Instead she was thinking about when she might actually have time to write everything down. Or even look for any plants. Likely she would only be able to write about nocturnal flora rather than the entire plant population in the area. The night would be the most likely time that she could actually do any extra activity.

"Yes, though my publisher might not be happy about the lack of study during the day. We shall all be far too busy for me to simply wander off." She said thoughtfully. Hopefully she would not be too exhausted during the night to do her work. It was her job, and she wished to do it well. It was a good thing that she was gifted with magic, and could cast spells to illuminate her way at night. "Hopefully those closer to home will be moved to join the church after my book is published. Spreading the good word here and there, as it should be."

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Adam's confusion only grew the longer their conversation went on. Her last comment seemed to imply that the book was about the church, although she had just a moment ago said it was about plants. Was it possible that it was about both? What sort of religious revelations could one garner from a book about plants? Maybe she was looking for some plant that was mentioned in some obscure passage of the Bible, in order to validate a story that nonbelievers would have assigned as mythical. Maybe she was looking for the descendant of one of the plants Christ had interacted with during his time on earth, which would supposedly bestow divine powers onto whomever found it — like the knights of the round table seeking out the Holy Grail.

In any case, Adam was far out of his depth here. The significance of an herbology book to the world of evangelism was another question he'd have to make a note to ask Wendall. Or maybe Akash; he wasn't the biblical scholar that Wendall was working himself up to being, but he did work with potions and plants every day.

"As it should be," Adam echoed pleasantly enough, though he was hoping this conversation ended sooner rather than later. He didn't know enough about anything she was talking about to be able to properly contribute. Having a publisher was at least three worlds away from his realm of experience.
It wasn't a secret that she, along with the rest of her family, all had their quirks. Acting 'odd' wasn't that abnormal for her. She felt that she made perfect sense. Though her oddness did not go as far as he thought. Perhaps her sister, Jupiter, would take an interest in such things as plants with beyond the normal amount of magical powers. Though that would make for a good book and study as well.

Getting to know those in her church community was always welcome to Earth, so she did know quite a few of the members. Sometimes she knew more of them than they bothered to know of her. As someone deemed by society as odd, some didn't seem to like speaking with her as much.

"Anyway, any mentions of you or other members of the church shall be run by each individual, as a respect to everyone's privacy." She assured. If worse came to worse, she could be vague about certain individuals if need be.

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This next statement caught him completely by surprise. It had never occurred to Adam that by signing up for this mission trip, he might run the risk of being referenced in some lady's book — particularly since that book was, to the best of his understanding, about plants. Did she expect that he (or anyone else in the church) would be playing a crucial role in her discovery of African plants? Had he just been unwittingly recruited for a foreign fern-hunting expedition? He was almost afraid to ask. Time would tell, he supposed. Maybe if it came down to it he could involve himself in some other, more-important-than-ferns sort of project that had to be done at precisely the same time. He'd be happy to build a well or a house or even a latrine in order to feel useful and not... wander around in a jungle looking at plants he knew nothing about.

"That's, uh, good," he said, still not at all sure what an appropriate response to such a statement would be. "I haven't been in a book before."

Nor did he particularly want to be in any books in the future, regardless of subject matter. Adam wasn't particularly fond of the spotlight.
The miss understanding between them was not something that Earth picked up on. She was used to the odd looks some gave her, even when they tried to hide it. But she kept calm and carried on. Nothing to make a fuss over.

The blonde did hope that many of her fellow mission attendees would be willing to be mentioned. Especially since it was something that would hopefully bring attention to the church. At the very least, she hoped her book would inspire others to do good in this world for others.

"Yes, well. My main focus on this book will be on God and the work we shall do for Him and those who need it in Africa." She responded, not wanting for the idea of him being in a book to go to his head. The idea of fame could lead one to greed, and other sins. That was not her goal.

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It wasn't as though Adam had wanted to be in her book in the first place, and now she was clearly trying to edge away from the idea of putting him in it — as though he had suggested this, and she needed to find a delicate way to let him down. Adam was a little bewildered by the entire conversation, which seemed to rely on a new set of context clues with every sentence.

"I'll look forward to reading it afterwards," he said, trying to find a way to graciously exit the conversation.

(He was looking forward to no such thing).

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