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Phoenix Wright
Full Name:  Aisling Phoenix Wright
Nicknames: Ash
Birthdate: September 28, 1867
Current Age: 10 (sortof) - transfigured into a statue in 1878 until 1889
Occupation: Former Stone Child; Foster Child of the Heaney's
Reputation: 8 – Turned into a statue and sold as a lawn ordainment
Residence: Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: unknown
Wand: unknown
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Social Class: Working
Her biological family are all muggles
Hair: Long, brown
Height: 5'1
Eyes: Brown
Clothes: Prefers Muggle, but is slowly coming around to dressing like other wizards
Dominant Hand: Right
Playby:  Breanna Yde
1867 | Aisling is born to muggle parents
1870 | A little sister is born; she is named Royal
1873 | Aisling has her first bout of accidental magic, thoroughly freaking out her parents.  Dancing dolls are not normal.
1877 | with magic being outed, her parents panic and abandon her. They don't want to be targeted for having a child who can do things, when they and Royal can't. She is turned into a statue a few days later.
1889 | Being untransfigured after a decade and two years is confusing for her, to say the least. She hadn't had a chance to really... grasp what was happening before she was taken. She claims to not remember her last name, and instead of saying her name is 'Aisling' she claims it is Phoenix. She is assigned the last name of 'Wright'. She spends a month at the ministry before being taken in by the Heaney's. She is thrown off by suddenly having six foster brothers.
Personality: Flexible. Extroverted. Sarcastic. Stubborn.
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Age: 22
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