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family for a scoundrel?
I am toying with the idea of a second character!

He is a loveable rogue and roaming Adventurer with no patience for rules and propriety. I already have a play-by in mind (tall, blond), and I’d like to devise his first name at least, but could be any class, blood, family etc. He’d be about 30, give or take a few years.

Before I go any further with him, please let me know if you have a family into which he might fit! :)
Not exactly sure if I have anyone of exactly those requirements, but feel free to check out my adoptables and see if anyone fits.

Earth's fam has some adventurers, though their wonderfully odd names are ones that I would prefer to not change.

Magic by MJ!

Hello! This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but I could offer you "Oscar" Fisk, b. 1851, listed in the family section here.

Basics: MCHB, ethnically Jewish, 38 (maybe able to flex the age slightly but only if you also changed his sister's age as well, which you'd have to run by Kayte). Would be Brannon's nephew, cousin to the rest of the played Fisks on board (there are lots!), brother to this Winifred Fudge and uncle to the played Fudge kids.

Family background: his dad was a well-meaning but hapless idiot, married a girl when young who ran off without a proper divorce. Married "Oscar"/Winnifred's mom bigamously and when she found out she had the marriage annulled and ran off. Dad went after her and left the two infant kids to be raised by grandpa for many years. He's since returned after giving up on looking for their mother. Full backstory in Bran's profile.

I think it's a pretty fitting background for a "lovable scoundrel" but Brannon is pretty hypervigilant about not letting his kids get themselves into that kind of trouble, so I don't imagine he'd be that lovable within the family xD
Ooh thank you both, I shall look into these! :)

@Ophelia Devine May I ask~ Is he called "Oscar" in quotes because the first name is changeable?
I have the Delaneys. @Shawn Delaney that things could be worked into.

Could also be a cousin of sorts to @Fletcher Langley which would be totally open/adaptable.

Or even tied to @Una Walsh .

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(June 12, 2019 – 9:19 PM)Bragi Holm Wrote: Ooh thank you both, I shall look into these! :)

@Ophelia Devine May I ask~ Is he called "Oscar" in quotes because the first name is changeable?

Yep! I like the idea of his name being Sully's middle name because it amuses me that it would be "low effort" for Sully. But I have no particular attachment to Oscar, I can change it to whatever you like.
I will go with @Ophelia Devine 's Mr Fisk if that's okay, as the mix of specifics and freedom suits me nicely, plus all the cool connections! I'll read up on the family and PM you shortly, Lynn. ^__________________________^

Thank you @Acacia Ruskin and @Fortuna Bixby for the offers, you both have awesome families and I've enjoyed looking into them! I plan to bother you both for threads in the future, as a warning. :3
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@Bragi Holm of course! Bring me all the threads!
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