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Hey, Brother
June 12th, 1889 — Lukeson Estate
It had been just over seven years since the last time she'd had a vision of a werewolf. This time, she was more knowledgeable on her... ability. It annoyed her, but she could at least understand them more than she had.

That said, she had a mild moment of panic when she was getting ready to head to her room after a long day of planning when she got a vision so much like she had when she was ten. This time, however, instead of it being flashes of her father in fur and claws, it was Ace. Her hands shook and she tried to come to grips with it. Was it of the future, or the past? Was Ace already a wolf and hadn't bothered to tell her?

No. He wouldn't keep something like that from their family; not when they all knew how to keep such a secret. After all, they'd all - except for Rose - been raised by a wolf. Turning away from where she'd been heading, she went to find her older brother.

Even if she didn't believe fully, she wouldn't take the chance and not give him some warning. At least she knew what time of the month it'd be.

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Ace had always love his father. Werewolf or not. Even though a younger him had been worried of the safety of the family, he had gotten over it quickly. Father had been a werewolf since before he had been born, why fear now? That had always been his logic on the matter.

With his father gone, the family felt quite different. The secret remained buried with his father. But no one had to hide once a month. Had to plan excuse after excuse around lack of attendance at parties. Not that Ace was too close in that part of his father's life. His family knew how to keep such a secret, even if they no longer had a reason to.

Now he was working on some side work from his job... the first one that is. In the office once more. The one that had once been father's. Mother still hadn't come in here. Had recently returned to her own bedroom a few weeks ago. It was hard to watch her like this. Especially with his younger siblings back from Hogwarts now.

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Figuring her brother was probably in his office, she decided to check there first. If not, then she'd have to check his room. Either way, she had a feeling that this vision wasn't something she could keep to herself very long.

Giving a soft knock on the office door, and pushed it open without waiting for a response. "I need to talk with you, Ace." she said in way of greeting as she shut the door. "And it isn't about anything good."

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Looking up as the opening door interrupt his attempt to ask who it was, he sighed softly at Avril's lack of manners. She was too be married soon... she couldn't keep acting like this.

Now what? Concern was clear on his face. "What is it?" He asked, hoping she hadn't done something stupid.

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"I've had a vision, and it concerns you." Avril replied, dramatically taking a seat on the other side of the desk. She knew she only had a little more time to act how she wanted, and that she'd have to soon be on her best behavior. Especially since Aunt Jade had decided to lock her in a betrothal to a purist.

Elaine made Avril's set!
Always the overdramatic type, his sister. It frustrated Ace that he had no idea how to help Avril with the betrothal business. Cutting it off might simply hurt her more in the long run. But he let that go, for now. "What was the vision?"

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"It was much like the one I had about father –  you know, the one that I got the year before I started Hogwarts –  except it is you in Father's place." Usually she didn't like talking about visions, unless she was forced into by her family, but she had a feeling this was more accurate than the majority of the ones she got. "I think it means you're either already a wolf –  which I doubt since you haven't spent a night out during the full moon in recent months – or you are going to become one by the end of Summer."

Elaine made Avril's set!
The blessing and curse of having a seer sister. Especially when they didn't know if she would be right or not. "Of course I'm not a werewolf. I would have told you, all of you, about such a thing." Their siblings and mother knew about father, they could have handled it with Ace. He was sure mother would have been the most help.

Magic by Elaine!
Well, at least she knew that her brother would tell her if he became a wolf. She wondered if that would still be the case when she was married. Would they keep her out of the loop just because of who her husband was to be? Or was if the event happened after her wedding? Ugh.

"Just... Be safe." she finally sighed. "I know I do not have to remind you, but..." she was worried about her brother. She didn't want him to have the same curse as their father, however ironic it might seem. Their father was one thing, he'd been a werewolf before Ace had been born. She hadn't grown up with her father any other way. She had, however, grown up with Ace not having the same problems as their father.

Elaine made Avril's set!
Would he always be able to tell his sister anything? Married to one who would likely make her cut ties and then out his family? Would aunt Jade have done that if she had known? "Hopefully I will be able to stay safe." One could not hide from the full moon forever.

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