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Meeting Again
June 11th, 1889 — Spinnakers Funeral Services
Dimitri had been unable to come to Spinnakers Funeral Services but had been thinking about it since running into Miss Spinnakers herself several months before. Things had just gotten busy and there had been all sorts of things keeping him from being able to safely leave the caverns and travel back to London. He was sure Miss Spinnaker understood - after all, time tended to be a little pointless for vampires when they had so much of it.

He had written that he would be arriving as safe travel allowed. There were a number of factors to consider - the daylight hours, other dangers of the road, things like that. Soon, he was at the funeral home and had been ushered in by one of the employees.

@Blossom Spinnakers

Business was always busy for the woman who never took a break. Well... almost never. It was insisted upon at times, for her own good. Today was luckily not one of those days. Today she was to have a meeting with a potential employee. Potential being the key word.

Blossom was quite picky over who she allowed into her place of business. Especially her vampiric employees. She had to be careful. For the sake of her clients and her human staff. Seeing "Mr. Alfred" brought a kind smile to her face before looking past him to said potential employee. "Thank you, that will be all." She said to her current employee. Always having had a soft spot for the man. She nodded to the other man to sit.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
Dimitri nodded in thanks to the man who had brought him to Miss Spinnakers. "Hello again, Miss Spinnakers," Dimitri said in greeting as he settled where the woman indicated for him to sit. "I'm sorry it took so long to follow up but you know how the smallest factors can effect travel for our kind." She had surely heard about the unrest about vampires in the Hogsmeade area.

It had been quite a while. Blossom had almost forgotten about this vampire entirely. It was hard to remember random people on the streets when running a business.

"Indeed. I do not travel often. One shop, and keeping up with my business is enough for me. Where do you come from, if I may ask? What are your living situations currently like?" Right to the point. She ran a business, not a tea room.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
"I come from Hogsmeade. I live in the vampire caverns." Pretty much every Hogsmeade vampire lived in the caverns. They really made the place like a home for the most part and the ones Dimitri stuck with were vampires who wanted to integrate with society. It wasn't like people jumped to employ a vampire. And vampires couldn't get a rental usually.

With this, her face fell. Hogsmeade. A place she wouldn't even allow her employees to go after all of the attacks. All in Hogsmeade so far. The killer was there. A vampire she didn't want her employees to mingle with at all.

She made sure her employees could find a place to rent. Usually they ended up using the part of their pay in what would have gone to food as a human as an extra 'insurance' payment, so a landlord would actually allow them to rent.

But she tried to remain calm, despite her new hesitance toward this vampire. "And would you be willing to move?" It wasn't like she could ask about the killings. It was likely that the Ministry had already done that. Possibly.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
"Most definitely. Lately, there's been a rash of poor mortals losing their lives and none of us can figure out who is the culprit. It isn't an environment I wish to live in to continue fostering my need to prove that humans and vampires can live side by side." They did not need to kill to live, this was fact. Dimitri was still prone to homocidal bloodlust but that was only because he was still considered a newborn vampire and his mortal lover had helped him to curb that notably early. It would also help aid his cause if he could prove his talk.

That was refreshing to hear. Blossom's tension eased every so slightly. "Good. And your stance on human/vampire relations is refreshing. For safety reasons, there is a small distance between us and our human coworkers, but you will work along side humans from time to time if you feel you can handle being around them." There was something she needed to add, but she could not be sure of what just yet.

Then it came to mind and she hesitated a moment more in wonder as to how he may react. Some felt this next statement to be hurtful to their pride, which was not her intension. "Please don't feel bad if you cannot. Some of my other employees try to keep their distance as younger vampires. It's nothing to feel ashamed of as long as one can admit their difficulty. I appreciate hard work and honesty, far above pride." She was protective of her employees, both human and vampire.

She went through her papers in search of something. A mumble to herself here, a small tilt of her head there, and then she found what she was looking for. "I have a few land owners who are willing to rent to vampires. Though the part of your wage that a human typically pays for food will be an extra charge. I expect my employees to come in looking their best, which sadly cannot be easily maintained on the streets or in a cave." Better than other vampires got, which wasn't much. Though admittedly, she had it better than most with her own home passed down from her father and older generations.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
"That is understandable. And I can withstand up to about an hour - a a little more maybe. I have human companians so I am very well versed on how to handle myself around them mostly." Dimitri felt it was very important to be up front and honest with the woman that he was hoping would become his employer.

He smiled and nodded in agreement to the rest of her words. "I would never want to harm a human so I always ensure I will not be a danger to them." His coping methods had worked so far. Clarence was alive, for example, and had been around Dimitri in very private ways.

Dimitri waited patiently as the woman went in search of something. "Thank you, Miss Spinnakers," he said, looking at the list.

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