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Meeting Again
June 11th, 1889 — Spinnakers Funeral Services
Dimitri had been unable to come to Spinnakers Funeral Services but had been thinking about it since running into Miss Spinnakers herself several months before. Things had just gotten busy and there had been all sorts of things keeping him from being able to safely leave the caverns and travel back to London. He was sure Miss Spinnaker understood - after all, time tended to be a little pointless for vampires when they had so much of it.

He had written that he would be arriving as safe travel allowed. There were a number of factors to consider - the daylight hours, other dangers of the road, things like that. Soon, he was at the funeral home and had been ushered in by one of the employees.

@Blossom Spinnakers

Business was always busy for the woman who never took a break. Well... almost never. It was insisted upon at times, for her own good. Today was luckily not one of those days. Today she was to have a meeting with a potential employee. Potential being the key word.

Blossom was quite picky over who she allowed into her place of business. Especially her vampiric employees. She had to be careful. For the sake of her clients and her human staff. Seeing "Mr. Alfred" brought a kind smile to her face before looking past him to said potential employee. "Thank you, that will be all." She said to her current employee. Always having had a soft spot for the man. She nodded to the other man to sit.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine

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