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Xavier Mondragon
Full Name: Xavier Samuel Mondragon
Nicknames: X
Birthdate: April 17th, 1857
Current Age: 32 Years
Occupation: Party Boy
Reputation: 2 or 3.
Is guilty of a variety of scandalous behaviors including but definitely not limited to: employing individuals of bad reputations, being seen publicly drunk and lewd, being known to fraternize in the slums, being known to frequent shady establishments - really, it's more of a point of what hasn't Xavier done?
Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: 12", supple, kelpie hair, redwood
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Upper
Family: Ignacio Mondragon, father
Sofia Mondragon, mother, deceased
Xavier has tanned skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He stands tall at six feet and has an athletic build. He tends to wear clothing as befitting to his class and enjoys a nicely tailored suit with a penchant for darker colors. He is right handed.
1857: Xavier is born and his arrival claims the life of his mother who dies in childbirth. He is mainly raised by nannies and governesses with an hour spent with his father daily.
1865: Xavier shows his first signs of magic when he transfigures a teapot to come to life.
1868: Xavier goes off to Hogwarts where he is sorted into Hufflepuff.
1870-1875: Xavier tries out for Quidditch and becomes Chaser. He also begins to fall into a bad sort of crowd that encourage his more reckless behavior impulses. He is a troublemaker in school and it comes as no surprise when he does not become a prefect. He is the thorn in many a prefect and professors side.
1875: Xavier graduates from Hogwarts and eventually goes on a Grand Tour with a group of friends. He has a rousing good time and falls even more down the rabbit hole of debauchery. He pretty much laughs at the idea of a job. Xavier spends the next couple of years having shameless fun on other continents.
1877: Xavier's father moves the family to Hogsmeade. Not that Xavier has much to do with it since he has never returned home yet.
1879: Xavier's rabble rousing is cut short when he receives word that his father has had a heart attack that leaves the man alive but incapacitated. He comes home but rather than get his act together, he continues his rabble rousing ways.
1881: There is a hussy scandal at school which amuses Xavier to no end.
1882: Xavier is drafted into the Hogwarts Expedition and he actually tries to make himself useful. He returns without injuries, much to his pleasure.
1883: Xavier seduces another mans wife while under the effect of the amortentia tea. Well, that's his story anyway and he is sticking with it.
1884: The plague thankfully does not come for the Mondragons but the fire does. Xavier's already ailing father comes to ail even more due to smoke inhalation suffered when his staff failed to get him out of the burning home quickly enough. They take up temporary residence in Irvingly while the Wellingtonshire home is rebuilt.
1885: The Mondragons move back into their Hogsmeade home which Xavier had outfitted to give his father better mobility. He does have a heart and cares for the man in his own way, after all.
1888: Xavier is thankfully not one of the people that get sent pink amortentia letters, likely due to his poor reputation.
1889: Xavier is happily continuing to live his life of debauchery and being a wealthy man of ill repute. His life is fun and that's all he really wants out of it.
- Is of fluid sexuality and has had lovers of a variety of genders over the years.
- Xavier is an Aries.
- Xavier's surname was angelicized a couple of generations before his own.
Name: Kit
Age: 31
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