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June 11th, 1889 — Blishwick School of Domestic Magic

With the coming of summer, Adam had traded his routine school schedule for internship work in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. This usually involved pushing paperwork around and running errands for various members of the department, except when Muggles blew up an archaeological dig near Hogsmeade and the aurors suddenly had to have a round-the-clock watch on the premise in addition to keeping up their usual duties. The extra load had seen Adam out to the dig site at least once already, and he expected he'd be pulled for 'stand here and check badges' duty several more times throughout the summer. He didn't know how often, yet, or whether this type of work would be replacing his normal Ministry-intern work or adding to it. He'd decided it was best to get his weekly check-up on his sister out of the way before anything got too crazy.

Lunch was provided, so there was no need for anyone to leave the building, but generally speaking no one had any issue with Adam coming in to chat for a few minutes. The lunch location did change from time to time, however, so he stopped by the front office to check in first and ask where he might find Karina Ragge at that particular moment. The answer wasn't what he was expecting: I'm not entirely sure, dear.

Adam felt a terrible sinking in his stomach. The woman working here was always here, so she knew him and she knew his sister — it wasn't as though she was just being flippant. "What do you mean?" he asked, unable to keep the worry out of his voice. "Is her class out? Like some kind of field trip?"

It was a stupid question — what sort of field trip would a class full of aspiring maids take? — but Adam was desperate for any explanation, other than a repeat of last spring.

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