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June 11th, 1889 — Padmore Park

Bragi's first two weeks in the country had proved quite the adventure. He'd bought a horse, lost (then found) a cat, made new friends, conducted profitable business, and even attended a Ball. And that wasn't to mention all the new questions, musings and curiosities that had taken root in the young man's mind. But this evening was free of thought. Warm, gentle evenings like this one had that kind of effect on Bragi. As the sun shone beautifully low but still so bright despite the latening hour, he roamed Padmore Park along what had swiftly become his "usual" route, and breathed in the sweet air of late spring.

Such was his pleasant mood, when he realised nobody else was in the vicinity, the elfin chap took the great liberty of flopping onto the manicured grass, hands beneath his head, smiling up at the cobalt blue sky. "Ahh~" sighed Bragi. Life was a fine thing.
Elaisa had come to Podmore Park just to get some fresh air and be away from her home. She and her father realtionship weren't still the best one, they had issues between them. Since she was just sixteen she had to live with her father since she couldn't afford her own place and she wasn't yet allowed to have her own place according to the law if she was right. Anyways this meant the girl didn't wanna be at home much at her free days from her midwife job.

So this is how she ended up walking at the park. Awhile the girl kept walking she noticed someone laying on the grass. She would have never done it herself but here she was about thinking doing the same. "Hey," she said there to get males attention. She could tell she wasn't much older than her. She wanted to ask there something but she wasn't sure what. "What are you looking there at the sky?" she asked and looked up for a second too. She asked something random at the end.

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The events of the past weeks were catching up with him, and as he lay there in the sunlight Bragi began to feel himself drifting off…

Until a voice spoke out, young and female, and Bragi got hurriedly to his feet. ”I do beg your pardon”, he apologised as he stood, dusting grass off his clothes. As he straightened up and regarded the flaxen-haired teen, he hesitated. ”I, er — I wasn’t looking at anything much. Just… just the sky.”
Elaisa looked at the male and just smiled at him. She realised that she might have startled him there now. This wasn't her intention, but she couldn't take it back now.  What was done was done. She just hoped that another person isn't mad at her now. She didn't want that.

"Oh well, I see," she mumbled there back as a reply. She wasn't sure what to else to say there now all of a sudden. She wasn't that good at talking with strangers; she had spent too much time at Hogwarts on studying instead of talking to her classmates or schoolmates even. "So, what brings you to the park today? I'm sure it wasn't because you could lay down here on the grass and look at the sky." She just tried to talk with him now. He wasn't sure if she should introduce herself or not.

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He felt grass-stained, but knew he'd probably scuffed up little more than a dandelion seed. Still, Bragi was self-conscious now, under the perplexed gaze of the young teen. Goodness, why did he keep bumping into unchaperoned girls in this park...?

"Just soaking up life, allowing myself a breath", he replied, feeling dumber by the minute. "Same for you?"
Elaisa didn't really care much how he looked, if there was any grass-stains on him then it wouldn't matter to her. She has seen worse for sure. The past she would not speak of. She would keep so many things hidden and so far she has managed to do it.

"You could say that yes, life isn't easy as it seems," she said with a sigh. She has never had an easy life for sure. There always seems to be something chaotic happening.

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