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Wendell Banges
Full Name: Wendell Concord Banges
Nicknames: Wen
Birthdate: February 14, 1868
Current Age: Twenty-One Years Old
Occupation: Bookkeeper at Dervish & Banges
Reputation: 8. Wendell follows the Muggle Mr. Dursley and believes in the Church of Magical Jesus, generally odd though harmless practices.
Residence: The Apartment above Dervish & Banges, High Street, Hogsmeade, England
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Willow, 10 1/2", supple, unicorn hair
Blood Status: pureblood
Social Class: Working Class
Family: Mrs. Banges (mother)
Mr. Banges (father)
Mr. Banges (older brother)
Miss Banges (younger sister)
Miss Banges (younger sister)
Mr. Dervish (uncle)
Appearance: Wendell is a little taller than average, and skinnier too. He’s 5’ 11”, and he’s got curly black hair that he never allows to grow too long. His eyes are deep brown and he has a tendency to lock them on things that draw his attention, and on things that he pretends to pay attention to. He uses his right hand as his wand hand, and though he is working class, he is on the higher end of that spectrum and can usually afford nice clothes.
History: 1868: Mr. and Mrs. Banges welcome a second boy to the family in late winter: Wendell Concord Banges.
1870: The Banges family welcomes a little girl. Wendell feels a little less attention, but otherwise he is fine when she arrives.
1872: Wendell demonstrates his first sign of accidental magic at age four, closing the drapes against the sunlight and blacking out the window.
1873: The Banges family welcomes their last child, another girl. This time, Wendell is old enough to realize what being a big brother is, though he doesn’t really care. He’d rather go play with the neighbours.
1876-1877: Wendell’s older brother prepares to go, and eventually does go to Hogwarts, where he is sorted into Ravenclaw. The Banges family notices increase in customers as wizards and witches move into Hogsmeade.
1879-1880: Wendell joins his older brother at Hogwarts, and is also sorted into Ravenclaw. He thinks that magic is pretty neat.
1881: Wendell’s younger sister goes to Hogwarts.
1882: Wendell’s older brother graduates. It looks like he will be in charge of the shop.
1883-1884: Wendell is successful in most of his OWLs.
1884: Wendell’s youngest sister goes to Hogwarts.
1885-1886: The school year that Wendell discovers the Church of Magical Jesus. He feels a little left behind, but he sees it as a good way to establish himself, and eventually gains the goal of wanting to establish one in Hogsmeade. He begins working as a bookkeeper in order to earn money. He set some money aside for the church, and some aside for his future wife. He hopes to marry as soon as he is able to support a wife.
1887: Wendell begins shadowing the Muggle pastor Mr. Dursley, in hopes that he will learn more about leading a church. He is pleased to discover that it is possible, he just has to figure out where to put it.
1888: Wendell is overzealous in his way of finding a possible church building in Hogsmeade, but still he finds nothing. The fog doesn’t help, but everything must be overcome.
1889: Wendell’s parents begin to bug him about courting, since they were married so soon after Hogwarts. He believes they don’t understand the importance of his faith.
Personality: Wendell is devoted and keeps himself in moderation. There are some things that he most certainly enjoys doing, and he has had certain responsibilities since he was 13. Wendell thinks that the Church is the right way, and often mentions it casually in conversation. He's rather thoughtful, and will speak his mind. Wendell tends to romanticize things, which is part of the reason he became a Church follower. It just seemed like a nice place, and he enjoys it.
Other: Wendell is an Aquarius. Wendell is a follower of the Church of Magical Jesus
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