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The Edge of the Blast Zone
June 10th, 1889 — The Dig Site

Adam had read the paper that morning before heading out, and had seen the article that stated aurors would be guarding the dig site. Aurors may have been a bit of an overstatement. Adam was, technically speaking, a first-year trainee until classes started up again in September — but if he hadn't pulled himself out of the program to help his family, he also technically would be an auror already, so it was close enough. It wasn't as though standing around and checking ID badges was hard. They weren't doing anything involving the actual site — they weren't even being given a tour for the courtesy of knowing exactly what it was they were supposed to be guarding — so in Adam's opinion, anyone with a wand could have done the job, really.

Still, they probably wouldn't have put him on it if he were actually just a first-year trainee; liability and all. Everyone involved in the program knew he'd all but finished his second year already, though — he'd passed all his field tests and had even had a mentor secured before he'd left — so he had a bit more trust from the faculty than the rest of the new class. And he was determined to use it to his advantage. This may be a boring job, but he was going to be the best at this terribly boring job, and if they wanted him here every day of the summer (excluding the weeks he'd already secured as a holiday, for the mission trip), he would be here every day of the blasted summer.

Statistically speaking, this was the day when something was most likely to happen. The explosion had only been yesterday, and it had been in the paper this morning. Anyone inclined to be curious was most likely to wander by for a look today — which he assumed was what the person he'd just spotted approaching from the Hogsmeade direction was trying to do.

"Excuse me!" he called, jogging towards them. "D'you have a badge? You need a badge to get any closer than this."
Though he was a potion and plant poisoning healer, all hands were on deck to help deal with the fallout from Mr. Waft's explosion. King had been called early in the morning to come in and prep for the patients. As alert as he'd been, the morning had not been the most productive. He'd accidentally put his robes on backward (again) and almost forgotten his wand. Ursa had obligingly dropped the wand on top of his head and scorched a mark on his forehead. Clumsy morning aside, King had had a productive day at work until his patient (aside from badgering him with all questions about the magical world) had remembered they left medication at the site.

King had been dispatched to get it, but the problem was he knew he'd be turned away immediately. At least he'd corrected his robes before starting work...sighing in frustration, he inched forwards, hoping if he looked like he knew what he was doing that he might be able to pass. He didn't get far - someone hurried up to him asking to see a badge. King winced, "I'm afraid I don't have one," he said, hand on the back of his neck.  "But I am a healer from St. Mungo's, one of the patients told me they left something here and needed it as soon as possible."
Adam had a very healthy respect for members of the healing profession. No auror (or prospective auror) who wanted to stay alive long would have felt differently. Orders were orders, though, and Adam couldn't let him through. What if he wasn't even a healer in the first place, or if he was a healer but of an entirely unaffected ward and he was just trying to fly under the radar long enough to get a look around? Adam could understand the impulse — he certainly wouldn't have minded a look around himself, but he knew better than to stick his nose in things that weren't his business.

"Sorry," he said, genuinely. "No badge, no entry. And I especially can't let you go in and then take something out," he pointed out. The man hadn't specified what it was this patient supposedly needed. What if it was something incredibly valuable that the Ministry hadn't found yet — or something illegal? These had supposedly just been a group of Muggles digging around in the dirt, but there was no telling what was actually going on now that things were blowing up.
King sighed in frustration, looking at the site in exasperation. "The muggle just had to blow things up, didn't he?" he said grimly, a grin quirking at the corner of his mouth. There was some exasperation in his tone, but it was free of malice; the healer knew the muggle couldn't have known that the blast would be so fatal. Still, there were obstacles that King had no idea how to navigate including this matter of retrieving something that

He was feeling uncomfortable in his healer's robes, and feeling rather out of place. He looked at the auror, his brain trying to kick into problem-solving mode. "Is there a potential for items to be affected by the blast?" he inquired, hoping to get more information to bring back to his superiors other than No one without a badge is permitted to remove things. "Unfortunately, the patient says she'd left medication and lost it somewhere around this site."
Adam didn't really know anything more than what had been printed in the newspaper. He imagined the healer might have more information than he did, having spoken to some of the people who were actually present at the excavation site. He didn't want to let on that he hadn't the foggiest idea what had been affected and what hadn't, though. Adam's authority in this situation was tenuous as best. This man was older, more experienced, and presumably established in a respectable occupation. Adam was a trainee — essentially just a warm body with a wand set to check identification and turn people away.

"There's the potential for anything, at this point," he said with a shrug. It was a non-answer, but it sounded like he knew something about the situation, he thought. "They haven't done too much of their investigation, yet."

Medication did seem like something a healer ought to be concerned about — and like something that could probably leave the site without causing too much trouble. Figuring out where it was would be problematic, though, since neither of them knew anything about the lay out of the excavation site and neither of them were allowed in. Even if Adam had been allowed in, and had gone in looking for it, he wouldn't have known what to look for.

"Medication," he said uncertainly. "Don't you lot have plenty more of that?"

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