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It was considered fashionable to have one's teeth removed in one's teens or twenties and replaced with dentures. This saved the time and money required to maintain them and avoided the potential for toothaches. — Lynn ( Submit your own)
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Her niece's humility was an admirable thing and had the added advantage of leaving Temperance feeling as though she was constantly rendering Blythe dumb with her words of wisdom and encouragement.Temperance Fairchild in Messiah
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10 June, 1889
— Lucille,—

They’re at it again, Lucy! I’ve been trying to save any decency I have to secure my future but there is Witch Weekly again trying to foil it. They try to make it like I’m my father's evil prodigy and paint me as a plant loving weirdo. When will they stop putting my family’s face back into that wretched publication? It’s already enough that almost everyone in the British Isle knows that I’m related to a child beater and a wild girl’s twin.

Yente Ventus is very lucky that I do not know where he lives nor what he looks like.

Your Cousin,
— Araminta Scrimgeour—

@Lucille Flint
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- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -

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