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Here's To You, Sir
June 8, 1889 — Sterling Stables
@Bragi Holm
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A warning from the head stableman about his past with incidents was what made Ben wear a helmet on his ride for the afternoon. He so loved to feel the wind whip through his hair that he often didn't, but after being asked if he'd prefer the incidents in chronological order or alphabetical, he'd jammed the helmet on his head.

Currently, he was attempting to wedge it off of his head; he'd picked one that was too small. As he was struggling, his stalbleman notified him that a one Mr. Holmes was shown into the stable foyer to pick up Galahad. Ben had finally managed to wrench the damned helmet off his head, bumping his head on the stable post in the process. Massaging the spot, he asked for the housekeeper to send him and his guest a drink. Grabbing the damp towel from the stableman, he threw it over his head to get the sweat out of his curls.

Ben threw the towel over his shoulder as he strode into the main waiting foyer. "Mr. Holmes?" he smiled, spotting the young man and going to shake hands. "Benedict Sterling. As I understand it you're the one taking young Galahad today?"

[Image: bYxnr6.jpg]
Back in Denmark, while his parents had been preoccupied investing in British property so he might make his fortune across the sea, Bragi had been arranging the purchase of a black horse by owl. Now that he had moved into said property and was settling into Hogsmeade, he was itching to finally meet his horse. Perhaps it was not prudent to have already forked over Galleons and to have already named the beast (Galahad), but Bragi was a young man, and not every choice he made in his youth would be of the highest caliber.

And so the young Dane found himself in the foyer of Sterling Stables, clad in riding gear but holding the helmet politely at his side for now, and shaking the hand of the man who'd sold him Galahad. "It's —" he began, about to correct Mr Sterling that his name was just Holm, not Holmes, but with an almost unpleasant lurch in his chest he realised that Mr Sterling was painfully handsome. And so, in another show of bad decision-making that for a moment made him something tantamount to a byspelt, Bragi opted not to correct him. "It's a pleasure to meet you", he finished gratefully. "And to finally be here!" He'd been dreaming of meeting Galahad for weeks.
As his stableman went to fetch the paperwork necessary for the transaction, Benedict gestured genially to the side table and pointed his wand at it. "We're glad you could take young Galahad off our hands for us - pray, what is your drink of choice, sir?" he said. "He's been restless and looking for a life outside our stables, he's very eager to see you." As he spoke, fine crystal glasses and an empty caraf appeared on the table.

"What brings you to our humble little town?" Ben said, entirely unaware that he'd gotten the man's name wrong.

[Image: bYxnr6.jpg]
”Oh — Gillywater please”, he replied distractedly but gratefully as the handsome Mr Sterling offered drinks.

It occurred to him vaguely that Galahad sounded rather more energetic now than he had in their owls, but this did not deter Bragi, who had grown up with speedy young horses. Most of those had been fillies, though. Would Bragi be able to handle a stallion?
For some reason, that question made him feel slightly warm and uncomfortable.

”I have always dreamed of living in Great Britain”, he replied to the question, taken in by the man’s ability to encourage charming small-talk. (It was a rare skill!) ”My father chose Hogsmeade for me, as a wizarding hub and prudent spot to build a property portfolio. I hope one day to own a place like your estate”, he gazed out out of the stable foyer to the grounds beyond. ”It’s very fine.”

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