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June 9th, 1889 — Irvingly Arms

It was a bit presumptuous of her, Lou had thought, to choose her own interview date and time. He could very well have had another obligation, but the fact was that he didn't, and so he hadn't taken her presumptuousness as enough reason to dismiss her out of hand. As a private detective of almost a year, however, he couldn't help but try to read in to her choice of date and time. An afternoon appointment to be clear of morning church, perhaps, but if she was a strictly religious Christian she likely wouldn't have wanted an interview on a Sunday at all. She went to church, he decided, but likely only to keep up appearances.

Or perhaps she had another job. Sunday was the traditional day off, particularly for domestic servants. Even growing up Jewish, Lou's family had always given the staff Sunday off, since most of them were Christian. If she was working somewhere else, that wasn't necessarily disqualifying, but it would make things a bit more complicated. He was only willing to pay part-time, so he knew he couldn't expect anyone to be available at all hours of the day and night, but he wondered how flexible her employers would be, and whether she would actually be able to do the job as required.

She didn't keep him waiting; that was a mark in her favor. "Miss Davis, I presume?" he greeted as she approached the table, pulling the chair out slightly for her to sit.
Henrietta wasn't sure how her potential additional employer would feel about the requested appointment date. While she could have asked the boys for extra time off, she had preferred to simply take advantage of the average day off. Chores done, of course. She had spoken to the boys of this opportunity, though that didn't mean she would get the job.

Neither she nor her family had ever seemed like church goers. Not regularly, anyway. Perhaps one of her siblings or another. It was hard to keep track. But that didn't matter at the moment. The flexible hours and the job itself seemed like a dream. Perhaps she was meant for this job. She did her own research part time as it was. That would hopefully help her to earn the job. As well as her time at Hogwarts. Maybe even her reason for leaving. Passion for an investigation. Though she wouldn't be a private detective just yet. If at all.

Two o'clock. A good time to finish her chores, freshen up, and get going. Right on time. She appreciated that he had no need to select a different day. While she could have made it work, hopefully, it would likely have left her in a rush. "Hello Mr. C Williams. Thank you for agreeing to meet me here today." She greeted with a polite smile and nod. Sitting down with a 'thank you' in regards to him pulling the seat out for her, part of her felt a little nervous. She could only hope that this would go well.

Elaine Made Magic
"No need for such formality," he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. She looked like she worked in domestic service, he thought. Maybe presently, or maybe she only had a background in it. Either way, that would explain her addressing him by the full name he'd given — Mr. C. Williams — instead of the more natural sir or Mr. Williams. There would be no need to stand on ceremony if she got the job, however. His detective business may have been steadily growing, but it was still a bit of a rag-tag organization. He didn't have a physical building to use as an office (though he was looking into a few possibilities), he advertised only minimally, and he was the only detective. If he hired her, she would be employee #2 of this little enterprise.

"Let me tell you a bit about the position — it's a little... non-traditional," he explained. "Do you need something to drink? Food?"
Domestic service is the only official career she had ever known, outside of her learning career at Hogwarts. At least she knew how to follow instructions, and her handwriting skills were decent enough that her former professors had read her work without difficulty. She had worked hard on that during her childhood.

What did a private detective office look like? How many others worked for him? Were they more skilled than her? Perhaps. Non-traditional didn't make too much sense. Perhaps it was like the more motherly relationship she had with the boys? Likely not. Familiar relationships took time. She nodded to his description so far, wanting to learn more before making any comments or asking questions. "No, thank you." She responded to his offer. It was appreciated, though she did not want to seem too demanding to her potential new employer.

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