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A New Flame
8th June, 1889 — Podmore Zoo, Irvingly
@Amelia Evans
It was a little known fact about Konstantin Fisk that, on a sunny weekend, he loved nothing more than getting out of Bartonburg for the fresher air of Irvingly with his beagle in tow. The fact that his family seldom came to the smaller village had a considerable amount to do with it, as did the reduced possibility of bumping into work colleagues out of hours. Ambitious he might be, but a glutton for punishment he was not and he could only stomach the intrigue of office politics for so many days of the week.

The market was particularly busy this week – a shame, he rather fancied sampling some of the early summer chutneys – but the zoo was ideal, even if the cacophony of sound was making Brian’s ears twitch. To him it was soothing, more a hum, but incessant tugging on the lead in his hand grew more insistent with each new paddock they passed until finally Brian took him by surprise and pulled free, fleeing towards the nearest bushes.

“Bugger,” he muttered to himself as he took off after him. His athleticism was definitely questionable after years of desk work but Kons kept him in sight as best he could, jumping over a fence with considerably less grace than his dog had.

Where on earth was he?

From behind an oak that must have been as old as Hogwarts itself Konstantin heard increasingly agitated barks and hurriedly followed the sound, finding his beagle sat on the chest of a young woman. He stared, eyes wide, utterly uselessly.

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fabulous moody set by MJ <3
June 8th, 1889 - Podmore Zoological Gardens
As loud as the zoo could be during the week-ends, Amelia enjoyed it. Today she wasn't working but had decided to take a stroll with Penny trotting along in tow and Pascal nestled in her bag. The rumble of the Maine Coon purring against her side was rather soothing and she was content to simply stroll along all day. She thought about potentially going to the market later to pick up an iced treat. She knew Penny would like it - Pascal would continue to snooze as he did.

It was only a matter of time however that something would disturb her peace. It was when she was strolling around in the gardens that the commotion started. First, the cat started fidgeting in her bag. As Amelia peered into the bag, she saw the face of an animal that wanted to get out. The witch's brow furrowed as she contemplated what could make the cat act so strange. Before she could finish her contemplation, a barking came from behind her and the cat leaped out of the bag and up a nearby oak tree. Penny darted towards the other dog in attempts to protect her mistress but was thwarted by a nearby rose bush. Caught in the tangle yet seemingly unharmed, the Australian Shepherd had no choice but to watch from the rose bush as her mistress was taken down by a very enthusiastic beagle.

Amelia had herded overly enthusiastic Mooncalves, but at least she had been able to prep for it. Now she was splayed in a most ungraceful way in the garden path with Pascal meowing up a storm, Penny whining, a very happy beagle snuffling at her face, and her wand a few yards away from her. She attempted to calm the beagle down by sitting up, but the animal's paws were firmly on her chest. Her next plan was to try and shuffle towards her wand; perhaps she'd be able to gently levitate the dog off her chest so she could dust herself off.

That was when her attention was drawn to a man standing just beyond the spot where her wand lay. His expression conveyed exactly what she felt: dumbfounded and unable to comprehend what his eyes were seeing. "Does this one happen to be yours?" she managed to get out between being happily licked on the face by the dog.

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“Yes!” Konstantin blurted, hurrying forward to wrap his hands carefully around the dog’s waist and lift him off the poor woman. He wasn’t especially heavy buy Kons knew from experience that he was persistent and he tucked his fidgeting dog under his arm, wrapped the leash around his wrist and offered her his other hand.

“I am so terribly sorry,” he said emphatically, glancing over his shoulder to reassure himself they had not acquired an audience. For himself he didn’t mind, it was his fault Brian remained such a ridiculous creature after all, but he had no wish to bruise her pride over something that was certainly not her doing. Young ladies were very particular like that and he rather admired them for it: would that his little sister could attain such standards for herself!

Unfortunately no sooner had he moved his head that Brian began to get ideas again – although truthfully, and when he recalled this moment, Konstantin would put more of the blame on the increasingly voluble cat. The beagle sprang free of his arms as though he were a bloody diving board, pulling him utterly off balance in the name of attacking something in the rose bushes, and Kons found himself tripping over the young lady’s feet and hurtling to the ground next to her.

Startled he managed only to hope he did not look half as much of a prat as he felt.

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fabulous moody set by MJ <3
June 8th, 1889 - Podmore Zoological Gardens
The man finally seemed to gather his wits about him and finally move to lift the animal off of her. She wasn't particularly annoyed at the dog, he was merely being a dog. A very energetic one at that. She gave a sigh of relief, taking a moment to brush the dirt off of her dress (had she worn her work clothes she might not have minded too much, but this was one of her better dresses that she'd selected for the day). She made to grasp the man's hand, grateful for the assist in gathering her composure.

”Really, sir that’s quite alri - agh!”

One moment the witch had made contact with his hand, the next her foot had caught against his and she was falling backwards at gravity’s mercy once again. She hit the ground again, tucking inwards instinctively. Dust had kicked up from the path, lodging in her throat making her cough as she struggled to sit up.

She braced herself on the ground with one hand whilst attempting in a wild last effort to appear ladylike (really, that time for that had past, hadn’t it?) and cover her coughs with the other hand. It was unfortunate that her gasping should distract her, for without them she would have realized sooner that her hand was not in fact on the ground, but placed against his chest.

When she did finally notice (for it was only a matter of time that she realize her hand was placed on something soft and not , she squeaked, her mortification turning her cheeks a furious shade of pink. ”I am so sorry,” she managed to get out. It was around this time that she gave into the urge to hide her face behind her hands.

[Image: b7eO1O.jpg]
Konstantin couldn’t help himself. It had been brewing since the moment his feet went from under him and when he caught sight of the young lady’s mortification – at least what he could see of it from behind her hands – he burst out laughing with aplomb, still lying on the ground for the moment as he didn’t fully trust himself to get up successfully at present. He glanced towards her as he finally sat up, still chuckling at the situation but trying his best to behave with more sobriety for the sake of her feelings.

“No, please, I’m the one who ought to be sorry,” Konstantin said with an unusually broad smile. He brushed down the back of his coat as best he could as he glanced towards the dogs cavorting around. They were certainly yapping up a storm between them but Konstantin didn’t think they were likely to descend into a scrap – in fact Brian was sniffing around quite aggressively and was showing no sign of intending to run away again…curious. Apparently he had decided to listen at last.

“I do believe we may be safe to try again,” he pushed himself off the ground and to his feet swiftly, balancing for a moment before straightening up, arms spread away from his body theatrically as he glanced back over his shoulder with a grin. “So far, so good.” He turned, holding out his hand. “Your turn. I promise I shall not drop you this time.”

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fabulous moody set by MJ <3
June 8th, 1889 - Podmore Zoological Gardens
What she thought would happen and what did were two separate events where both possibilities caused her minor anxiety. Her heart lurched at what she expected; with Barnabas it was possible she would have slapped him and quite literally struck him dumb. Then, perhaps they'd have argued with Amelia angry at him yet again, leaving her in near tears not for the first time. So when the witch heard the hearty tenor of someone laughing it was enough for her to peep through her fingers, praying that it was him and not on-lookers.

Her relief that it was him was equally matched by her mortification as she heard his voice again, and she found herself observing his movements as he got up with as equal energy as his laugh. Though he had some dust on his back, he looked in perfect health. She could still see he was attempting to repress laughter, but the grin he flashed at her as he offered her his hand encouraged her to lower her hands from her face and don a tentative smile.

She narrowed her eyes, her smile growing despite the flush of embarrassment still in her cheeks. "Are you quite sure?" she ventured, feeling emboldened by his light-heartedness as she grasped his hand, quirking an eyebrow up at him. Sure enough, Amelia was soon steady on her feet and released her hand from his strong grip. She widened her smile, catching his eyes briefly as she voiced her thanks. To avoid the flush creeping further into her cheeks, she averted her eyes and set upon brushing the dust from her skirts again. It took her a while to collect herself and realize she'd previously had an animal with her that was not currently present at the moment.

"Oh, Penny!" she exclaimed, spotting the two dogs in the rosebush. While the gentleman's adorable pup was happily yipping, clearly overjoyed at the new friend, Penny – pleased as she was to be socializing with her new friend – was still stuck where she was. The poor australian shepherd had abandoned her fruitless attempt to escape her predicament and settled upon giving her mistress the most harrassed of looks.

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