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May 29th, 1889 — High Street

Bragi was on a quest to find Maid Marian — his squishy ginger cat. She'd been missing since yesterday evening, and he'd searched half of North Bartonburg before a neighbour had suggested he try the alleyways of the High Street. The kind stranger, a lady by the name of Katerina Bass, had kitted him out with a small pouch of cat treats from Beautiful Beast Boutique, making the young Dane feel better equipped for the morning's mission as he poked his head into the first alleyway. "Marian...? Here puss!"

@Amelia Evans
May 29TH, 1889 - HIGH STREET
Thank Merlin she’d managed to get the day off. Gue, one of her mooncalves had decided to be cheeky the other day and stole her wand from her when she wasn’t looking. Amelia had spent the last few hours of her shift playing a game of hot potato with the small herd of calves trying to get her wand back. And when she’d successfully done so, the babies got in a squabble which she’d had to break apart. The last thing she wanted to do was go back. They were cute but they could be menaces.

With Penny at her heels and Pascal in her satchel, the witch scrolled through the High Street collecting the last bits and bobs for her morning errands. She had decided to take a short cut and kill two birds with one stone by letting Pascal prance around lazily. The cat had just taken a leap onto an obliging shelf when a young man poked his head from around the corner.

It appeared he was searching for a cat named Marian. Amelia furrowed her brow and upped her pace as she headed towards the young man. ”Hello, are you looking for someone?” she inquired as Penny gave a small woof of welcome and peered ourt from behind her skirts.

[Image: b7eO1O.jpg]
Bragi’s heart leapt almost unpleasantly when he spotted a cat — but it was not his cat. Nor did it look like a stray, and Bragi blinked from its well-kept coat to someone likely to be its mistress. She appeared from the other end of the alleyway in a blaze of long auburn hair, and despite his troubles he could not help but notice her very district eyes. What a curious looking person!

”Oh I, erm — yes”, he replied, with a good deal less grace than he’d wanted. He’d been distracted again, this time by the wuff of a dog at her heels. Bragi fingered the pouch of cat treats in his hand. ”I don’t suppose you’ve seen a large ginger cat around here? She answers to Maid Marian. Or just Marian. Or Shnookums, sometimes…”
May 29TH, 1889 - HIGH STREET
Aside from her large ginger (and white) cat Amelia hadn't seen another ginger cat anywhere in the vicinity, however that didn't mean it wasn't nearby. Years of wrangling animals (especially cats) had taught her the most amazing places creatures could hide if they put their minds to it.

Maid Marian, she thought, what an adorable name! Though she thought she preferred Shnookums.... The witch shook her head, wincing in apology. "I'm sorry, I haven't seen her anywhere." she said, "Has she gotten away like this before?" Perhaps if the cat had wandered away they'd be able to find her the last place she had hidden.

It seemed the treats were causing a bit of a distraction for the animals. The Australian Shepherd woofed again and took a step towards the man, sniffing the air for the treats she'd caught the scent of while the Maine Coon leaned forward and pawed the air.

[Image: b7eO1O.jpg]
Bragi would later feel a little awkward at having relied this day on the sympathies of young ladies, but for now would take all the help he could get, and remain ever grateful. Although lacking what Mrs Wilson might rather meanly call the societal graces of the previous lady, this new stranger seemed rather more likely to indulge in his quest until his cat were found or his hopes did stramsh. She was, after all, surrounded by animals herself.

"She hasn't", he replied, chewing his lower lip. "But we are new to Hogsmeade, she may be lost. A neighbour suggested I check these alleyways", he nodded back the way she'd come, "apparently a haunt for roaming cats".

Suddenly Bragi heard a noise up the far end of the alley behind a pile of abandoned trellises. "Ah — could that be...?" he marched hurriedly towards the noise.

The lady and her animals might be first to realise it was just a fox.
May 29TH, 1889 - HIGH STREET
Amelia , seeing that the cat was about to make a leap for the treats, caught the animal around the middle and placed him next to Penny, bidding them to stay. "Sir, I'm sure Maid Marian will turn up eventually she can't have gone very far." she said, turning back around, only to find the young man taken off.

She moved to hasten after him, picking up her skirts. She caught up to him, her expression expectant; "Oh, dear," she pursed her lips. "Not yours, I presume."

The fox swished its tail, and a feeling of uneasiness came over her and she took a few steps back. "We might elect to search further, and with haste." she said quietly to him. "Whilst foxes do not pose great danger to felines, they do chase them; this one might make our search even more difficult should it find Maid Marian before we."

[Image: b7eO1O.jpg]
Bragi felt his heart lurch as he realised it was a fox, which surely he’d known all along. It just really helped to hope.

But as he turned away from the fox (who fled) and regarded the kind stranger with her earnest words of cool determination, he felt exactly that — hope. She warmed the fearful chill in his chest, and he would’ve smiled had he not felt so anxious. But he also felt something else: guilt. She was evidently a busy soul, though very gracefully so, and he was outright disrupting her.

”Goodness — I couldn’t possibly ask you to help, miss. You’ve been so kind already, and I so selfish. Please don’t let me hold you up.”

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