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Impromptu Visits
Delaney Family Imports - London
March 15th, 1889
It had been months since Shawn had officially began courting Miss Bellchant. A lot had changed in those months. Shawn felt.. different. Better. Though, Caro had caught on to the changes and so he constantly heard about it from her. But, surprisingly enough, it didn't bother him near as much as it normally would have. Perhaps things were finally looking up for once. The usually stoic and quiet American had a different air to him since meeting Nimmie. The man actually got caught smiling from time to time! It was a nice change, one he enjoyed.

He’d been busy at work, seeing to customers as they came by to discuss exports and imports and making sure the ledgers were settled properly. It was the worst part of the job in his opinion but with his new outlook, it seemed somewhat bearable. That didn’t mean, however, that when he heard the welcoming chime of the bell above the door that he didn’t get excited by the chance to do something other than bookwork. That excitement was only increased when he looked up to see a very familiar, very beautiful face.

A broad grin spread over his features as he took in the woman before him, the one that had somehow managed to thaw the thick ice that had seemed to form around his heart.

”Nimmie,” he said pleasantly as she moved toward him, his eyes never leaving her, ”What brings you here?” There was just a hint of wariness in his eyes, not entirely sure what to make of the impromptu visit.

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Today Nimiane turned seven and twenty. An age she had looked toward with trepidation, dreading it in the way that lingered in the back of one's mind but would not admit to - even to oneself. It was the age at which unmarried women dreaded, which assured that their marriageable prospects had flown to another younger and more eligible lady then herself. Yet as the day arrived Nimiane found she did not mind in the least. She had always tried to have the whimsy about such an outcome that dear Phyri did, but had often fallen short of it. Now, though the thought had settled around her like armor. Even if she did not marry and was thought to have no prospects, she was happy.

Staring at the shop sign on the wharf of London's docks Nimiane's gentle smile curved her lips. Delaney Shipping and Imports swung above her in curving red letters. Inside she knew she would find Shawn, likely pouring over maps and letters. His shoulders curved ever so slightly forward as he took in the information. His tanned hands holding steady any piece of news as his eyes, so bright and keen, eagerly read the words before him.

Their courtship had taken Nimiane by surprise, the ease with which it had happened and the events that had followed. Even her father's approval had held little of the fight she had anticipated. For that she was grateful. But if she were honest Phyri had worn off on her. She had seen this at Phyri's birthday celebration only last month. Nimiane did not care a whit for the courtship's formality. Only for the happiness she felt when she was around Shawn. They could live in sin for all she cared, only that they could thrive in the happiness they had found. That they might find some bliss in this life, that was so often withheld from the many, it was her dearest wish. It did not matter what tongues wagged about, she had determined, only that she might hold on to this happiness for a time. At seven and twenty Nimiane was most assuredly an old maid, but she was a happy one. Free and content with where the winds had blown her.

With a smile Nimiane opened the door, the small bell tinkling to announce her. Shawn's blue eyes met her and Nimiane couldn't help the grin that spread over her features. "Oh, I thought you might enjoy a bit of fresh air. Perhaps a stroll by the docks?" Nimiane's gentle voice proposed. "That is if work can spare you for a short time?" Perhaps she had been a bit assumptive with her plan.
Her smile and words were enough to assuage any worries that Shawn may have had at her impromptu arrival. He tried not to be such a pessimist but events of his past lead him to always assume the worse. Though, he doubted anyone would show up in person to end something like what the two had. Luckily, that didn't look to be what was happening as she came closer to where he stood.

A bit of fresh air sounded rather refreshing in all honesty. And he needed to stop by the ship and see that it was getting prepared well enough for its next voyage back to America that very afternoon. Moving around the counter, he gave her a nod and a smile.

"That sounds lovely," he answered honestly as he offered his arm to her, "I can show you the ship as we go. I need to check in on it anyways." He looked to her to see if that would be okay as they moved toward the door and he flipped the open sign around to display closed once they left the shop.

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I would love to see the ship.” Nimiane smiled as she placed her hand on his arm. Shawn had wanted to show her the ship since their first trip to London last fall and while Nimiane had seen it from a distance she had still wished to see it in person. She wanted to know the place that Shawn spent so much time, but another part of her also wished to know for her own writing. It was a new place, a new idea to write on.

As they walked into the street the fresh spring air brushed her cheeks on a breeze making her smile. “Is sailing as much of adventure as it seems?” Nimiane asked conversationally as they made their way toward the docks. A hint of longing coated her tone. The only adventures Nimiane had been on had been the ones that escaped from her quill.
Shawn's broad grin spoke volumes to the happiness he felt in the moment that she seemed to willing to want to see his ship. The one at dock was his original ship, too, which added to the prestige of it all. The Delaney Rose was something of Shawn's pride and joy. Being able to show that to Nimmie would be pretty special in his eyes. He just hoped it held up to whatever standards she may have in her mind. Clearly, as a writer, she'd have expectations.

He patted her hand on his other arm with his free hand as they walked, squeezing her fingers from time to time as they went along. "Very much so," he said with a grin down to her as she easily guided her along the sidewalks to get to the harbor, "No two trips are ever the same. You have to think quickly at all times to adjust to the weather and the conditions of the water." There was a brightness to his eyes as he spoke, clear that he loved what it was he did. That brightness only increased as they drew closer to a dock that a large ship was tied to and currently being loaded.

"This is the Delaney Rose," he said, that full grin back on his features as he pulled his free hand from hers and motioned toward the massive ship.

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