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A Droll Stroll
May 27, 1889 — Swallowbury District Street
Needing some fresh air, Clarissa and a couple of the other girls along with a chaperone had stepped out for a bit of a walk. It was a fine enough day for it she supposed but she was so bored. Life in PSYR was not generally boring to her - she enjoyed the things they did and were taught - but today had been pretty slow for Clarissa.

Lagging a bit behind the others as she admired the pretty flowers in the small garden of one of the homes, she had been about to move on when she felt a bit of resistance, one that seemed to be in the form of someone stepping on the hem of her dress - whether it was accidental or intentional, she did not know.

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Today was quite the busy day. Henry was exhausted. From cleaning a mess left behind by one of the boys, to reorganizing the kitchen after a stray magical creature of the neighbor had somehow gotten into the house and made a mess of things.

Now she was headed to one of her employer's friend's homes in order to drop off a message. But now she was a bit turned around. Goodness, she sure was tired.

Stopping with a failure of checking if she had stepped on anything, she looked at the surrounding houses until she felt a tug under her foot. She looked down with a confused look to find that she was stepping on a young ladies dress. "Goodness! My apologies." She exclaimed as she stepped away.

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Accidental, it would seem given the other womans reaction and apology. Clarissa smiled and waved off the apology. "No harm done," she said as she took a moment to shake her dress hem a little to get the bit of dirt off. "Are you okay? You look a little lost." That was Clarissa's perception, at least.

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Good to see that the young woman wasn't too angry, if at all. Henrietta made sure she didn't yawn, as that might be seen as offensive. "I am. I was trying to deliver something for my employer, but I seem to have gotten myself turned around."

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