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Pretty Woman, Stay A While
May 26, 1889 — Hufflepuff Common Room
The school year was coming to a close and James was soon going to be thrust into the world of the Ministry. Probably. He still wasn't quite sure what to use his NEWTs level education for. He knew he was lucky to have it but he didn't know which options to narrow down to. But the Ministry was a good, respectable job as his parents liked to drill into his head. James was certainly not going to be a pro Quidditch player or some such nonsense - it would hurt his bad arm to play as much of a demanding schedule as being a pro would require and he had mainly done so for the attention of the girls.

Speaking of girls, he was loitering in the common room when his eyes caught sight of Miss @Luce Fay-De Loncrey. Her surname was ridiculously long and she was a bit snobbish at times - but she was a vision in the common room lighting. "Good evening, Miss Fay De-Loncrey. Preparing for the Coming Out Ball?" Was she going to be a debutante or work? James always found it rather curious to see what girls chose to do what.

Did Luce even feel ready for her Hogwarts life to be over? Not in the slightest. What would she even do? Be a debutante? That sounded so dull. How did the other girls do it without being bored? Even after they got married, what could they do? People of her status couldn't very well throw many parties like the rich could. Oh, what she would give to be rich. That sounded nice.

Many thought her snobbish, especially those that knew what had happened with her mother. But she had always felt that she was to always be proper, and that she deserved a bit more than what she got. Perhaps it was all the attention from her father, or the lack of such a thing from her mother.

Looking up from her letter when addressed, she gave a polite smile. "Yes. My mother is sending some jewelry that goes with my gown, but she wants to have it cleaned and make sure nothing is damaged." The woman might not have been attentive all of the time, but she did tend to worry too much about the little things.

Beauties by MJ

"Oh, how wonderful. I'm sure you'll be the beauty of the ball," James said, quite sure in this moment of the truth of his words. Which would likely dissolve once another pretty lass crossed his path. It was just his way. "Will she be coming to see you debut?" James was sure that she probably would be but he didn't really know the girls family life so he wasn't going to just assume that out loud.

Of course she would be the beauty of the ball. Ever the pretty one, even compared to her sister. At least she thought so. So she looked quite proud due to his statement. A sort of 'I know this to be fact' sort of air in how she held herself. "Possibly. My father will most certainly be there." Mother was rather... hard to read. Of course the woman loved her children, but Mrs. De Loncrey was a rather distant creature.

Beauties by MJ

"It would be a shame if he wasn't. Will you save a dance for me?" It was going to be the last fancy thing he could ever go to unless he was working, probably. Then again, he was planning to into the Ministry so maybe he would fall into fortune by moving up the career ladder.

Her? Save a dance for a man of lower status than her? Well, it might make potential suitors jealous. Why not? "Of course." She said with a sweet smile.

Beauties by MJ

James felt a surge of triumph when she agreed. Score. And never mind the fact that he had gotten promises of dances from at least three other girls. He was a flirt, it was what he did. And why not fully enjoy himself on the last night he would fully get to be a part of something like a Ball? "Excellent, I look forward to it," James said. "If anything, it will make you look charitable, right?"

Luce did not care if he was a flirt. She had no interest in him in regards to romance or marriage. But he was a smart young man to see the advantage that seemed to fly over other boys' heads. "I'm sure it will." She said vaguely.

Beauties by MJ

"I'll hold you to your promise. Until then, I'll see you around," James said as he realized that he should probably go off and do something useful. Like study or something. "It will certainly be the highlight of my night!"

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