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Connections Please?
So after this lovely plot came around, I really wanted to play one of these poor children. What could be more fun? Having a family who is already played and comes to claim their stolen child/sibling/cousin!

I am personally open to an age range of 6-10, and my character is likely to have no memory of their dear loved ones. Class and blood purity are open. Anyone else who needs connections for their own transfigured children are free to also post on here!

Magic by MJ!

Ophelia wants to foster one! She's still bummed that she hasn't gotten pregnant yet and wants to "test drive" being a mom. Probably younger kids would appeal to her more but I'm open to any age.

Fyi @Roberto Devine
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I could see the Thompsett family taking in a child. Also if someone were interested in drama @Asha Bilton son could be in the mix. His ex wife stole away with the child years ago. @Florence Jewell would be interested if the Jewell family agreed (@Fortuna Bixby).

Would also be open to playing one of the children.
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[Image: x5VH1p.png]
An amazing signature from Bee <3

I should probably mention that @Perenelle Flamel would volunteer to foster any children (her family has a Hogsmeade home). @Rosie Binns would also offer her home (her husband would probably love the positive light the charitable act brings, though that's not why she is open to the idea).

Edit: I forgot to mention, the Ruskin household would be willing to act as a foster family (if the Ministry would approve, given the half-vampires on the property during summer).
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Magic by MJ!

Hello hello, it is I the elusive Nichole. Upon returning, I have seen this plot and wish to join in. Therefore I am seeking foster parents whoot whoot. I have little details in my head for the child beyond recently human again and I do wish for them to have been stone for some time! Struggling to adapt to time changes seems like a fun thing to write. Age and gender are tbd and open to any class and blood!

[Image: oadORX.png]
thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
I can offer Leif's family as a foster family! Lydia(mother) has a really big heart so she'd be willing to take one or two in, provided they're okay with living in the Slums// a bunch of boys, plus you could get some Leif jealousy drama.
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None of my foster families have been taken by played characters so far, and are open. I also have @Guinevere Lukeson's sister who is open to having a child to have gone missing at some point as retconned. Anyone interested can feel free to PM me or send me a message on Skype!

Magic by MJ!

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