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May 8th, 1889 — Podmore Pond
Munny wasn't usually one for Padmore Park but the latest lass to catch his eye was said to frequent it so here he was. So far, he had yet to catch sight of the object of his affections but he wasn't too bothered by that. There were plenty of other people to see in the Park, it seemed. Not quite looking where he was going, Munny narrowly missed treading on a duck going about its own merry way. However, in his move to avoid the duck, Munny ended up falling into the pond!

Set by MJ
It was a rather nice day. Perfect for taking the children to the park, though their governess was more of one to keep an eye on them. It was nice to be out in a more wild setting. As wild as a park could naturally be, that is.

The large splash had been a surprise. With a turn to look, she spotted the soaking wet young man from not too far away. "Are you alright?" She asked with what mild concern she could muster.

Juniper is a veela, your men are cray-cray for her.

Lady made pretties!
His heroine was Venus herself. Vibrant red hair - his ultimate weakness when it came to a woman - and she was a breathtaking beauty. He'd have adored her even if she were a basic blonde. "I'd be better if I wasn't soaked," he managed to find in himself to say as he stood up in the pond.
Well... she wouldn't say he would be better not soaked. As a veela, she could certainly appreciate the young man's beauty. Though her husband was far more handsome. She waved to the governess to hand the young man a handkerchief, to at least dry his face.

"Whatever could have caused you to land in the pond?" She asked. Though... he could just be one of those odd humans who would simply decide to jump in for no apparent reason.

Juniper is a veela, your men are cray-cray for her.

Lady made pretties!

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