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Where does the time go?
May 3rd, 1889 — London
Kentigern was just coming off of work and had decided to head into London in search of a pub to have a nice Friday night drink in. Time seemed to be flying right out his hand these days. Soon enough, all of his children would be at Hogwarts and then where would he be? An empty nester with a big empty house. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice that he had almost plowed right into someone else. "So sorry, I was lost in my own head," Tiger stated apologetically.
It was all so overwhelming. Coming back after being kidnapped, learning that her own children had really thought that she had died, and even the fact that Sybille had had to get her wand without Guienvere being by her side.

What had really overwhelmed her was when her sister and son had finally told her that Avril was betrothed. Betrothed. Obviously this was her sister's idea. Why couldn't Jade leave her children alone?

The problem was, what was Guinevere to do? It was public already. Ending it might ruin her poor daughter's reputation. Though Avril looked anything but happy about the arrangement.

Guinevere was lost in her own thoughts as she had decided to get some fresh air on her own. Lost enough to bump into the man now standing before her. "My apolo-" She was saying as he was apologizing. His voice was louder, so she let him speak. "You as well? Seems to be the night for one to be lost in thought." She said with a sigh.

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Tiger kept up with the news somewhat so he recognized Mrs Lukeson for who she was once he got a look at who he had bumped into. She was a rather lovely woman and he felt for her and her situation. He did hope, as anyone with a heart likely did, that she was healed from her ordeal. It had to be quite traumatic.

"It would seem so," he said agreeably. "My mind is on my children and how grown they are becoming." Normally, he wouldn't share as much with a woman he had only ever read about but she seemed to be in a melancholic mood that could perhaps be helped by a bit of commiseration.
The recognition in his eyes was something that Guinevere knew quite well. All for something that she couldn't help to have happened to her. At least he didn't seemed flustered by her, like so many others.

What he said had tugged on her heart. Something she felt for all too well. "Then it seems that we have found ourselves in the same predicament." Of course she was proud of the wonderful people her children were growing to become, but they were growing far too fast.

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"Children do have the tendency to occupy ones mine. Are yours faring well?" Tiger could hardly imagine what it must have been like for the Lukeson children to go through the experience that they'd had. He had no doubt that the Lukeson home was likely currently full of some turmoil.

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