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April 26th, 1889; Before Dinner — Hamish's Office @ Hogwarts

"Biscuit?" Hamish offered the young badger, sliding the plate across the desk towards them as he bit into his own. While he recognized the importance of these meetings, scheduling one so close to dinner had not been the finest example of his foreplanning. In his seventies and with quite the rounded belly, Hamish Darrow had never been mistaken for one who liked to delay a meal.

Having swallowed, he continued, "Now, I think the keenest place for us to begin is with your grades. I confess I've been remiss in not pursuing them on my own—perhaps you could educate me?"

Careers counselling was most apt to males and those of working backgrounds, particularly in their fifth and seventh years at the school. As the head of Hufflepuff, it had long been Hamish's duty (and his pleasure) to meet with his pupils, for all that some—those in their forth or sixth years, and those ladies of so-called breeding—had always seemed to him less necessary than others. Still, he found a small thrill in issuing advice and having it taken; it was, he thought, one of life's comedies, that he should be seen as someone wise enough to give advice at all!

Open to one Hufflepuff in years 4-7!
Invitational: @Aleksei Nichols @Frida Lestrange @Darling Whitledge @Clementine Rookwood @Jemima Farley @Goodluck Warbeck @Luce Fay-De Loncrey @James Baird

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"No, thank you," she declined politely, hands folded into her lap. Meeting with Professor Darrow wasn't high on her list of desirable activities. She knew her school work wasn't the most impressive; She was average, at best in most subjects.

"My grades, Professor Darrow? I don't believe I am failing any of my studies." She didn't fidget, although she very much desired to do so. It wasn't that she didn't put in effort, but she could definitely improve on concentrating more on academics than her social pursuits. It was likely noticeable that her grades declined slightly since her family had been displaced to St. Mungo's Home for Inconvenient Children, as well as when the whole diary fiasco had been at its peak.

"I am doing quite well in Herbology and Muggle Studies."
"Of course you aren't failing," he reassured her brightly. He would know if she were, however little he was paying attention. "But you see," the professor continued, reclaiming the untouched plate of biscuits as he did, "'not failing' and 'thriving' are not quite the same thing. I am pleased to hear you are doing well in herbology and muggle studies, though! Have you any particular attraction to either of them?"

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Clementine inwardly sighed, though her outward appearance still held a polite smile. The school year was almost over, and she a whole list of things she wished to attend to before she was stuck at St. Mungo's Home for Inconvenient Children for a good portion of the summer holidays.

"I..." She hadn't given it too much thought. She shifted in her seat and chose the subject she liked the most. "Herbology, I suppose. It's very relaxing, and I very much enjoy taking care of plants." Which was true, but she wasn't so sure it was something she wished to do for the rest of her life.
Hamish smiled. "Herbology is a very useful subject," the professor offered encouragingly, "for the housewife, the healer, the potioneer—and, of course, the herbologist. It can also come in handy for the magizoologist, the adventurer, the midwife...an affinity for things that grow, you will find, will open many doors for you."

Doors Miss Rookwood's parents might have opened instead, were it not for their tragic demise.

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Clementine smoothed out her skirts while she listened to the professor's list. Now that she was older, Clementine had been trying to give her future a good amount of thought. Although her brother could definitely hold his own, she was worried about her two siblings and figuring out just how to continue to look after them both, especially since they no longer resided with their uncle.

She was floundering a bit, trying to determine what sort of profession she should choose, even though she simply desired to be a mother, above all things. "I do hope so, Professor. I just..." She paused, deciding to be honest with him. "I just want to do what's best for my family, and I'm not sure which path would be most beneficial."
"An admirable aim," Hamish offered with an encouraging smile. That was, he thought, a defining characteristic of his house: a desire to benefit others, not only oneself. It did, however, tend to make these meetings a bit more challenging, for each family's situation—and world view— was different.

"There are, though, many ways in which you can aid your siblings. Narrowing it down will be, in part, the duty of our meeting today, but also the years to come—after all, Rome was not built in a day!"

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