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Purple People Eating Monster
April 15, 1888 - Hogwarts Corridors

"That can't be good." Sisse stared at the puddle (more like lake to the petite twelve year old) of water that flooded the corridor in front of her. It extended from wall to wall of the stone corridor rather inconveniently blocking her path. The water appeared to have seeped out from under a nearby door, a purple fog was now crawling from under the stout wooden door, its fingers reaching toward the second year.

Frowning Sisse tentatively fingered her wand in her pocket. She should probably go find a professor, but maybe she might actually know a spell that could. Besides, what if someone was beyond the door and needed help? But what spell? Maybe a cleaning spell. They had learned one in Charms maybe that would work.

Decision made Sisse drew her wand and cast the spell with a confident pull of her shoulders and tone of voice. Water in front of her feet began to scrub into the floor and a smile appeared on her lips. Yes! She had done -

Her success was short lived, the water began to bubble and froth, turning purple and quickly beginning to expand. No longer creeping the water began to bubble and gush in purple frothy delight. That really wasn't good.

"Oh no." Sisse whispered quickly backing up.

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With any luck, George thought, the school's nurse would be able to give her something for the pain that had a death grip upon her abdomen. In the months since her first blood, the Ravenclaw boy had become uncomfortably aware of the pangs that accompanied it sometime. It was the pain that George blamed for poor quidditch performance in their game against Slytherin, and an inability to concentrate on class today. Worse, it had to be borne altogether in silence—did George's distinctly female peers have some secret remedies kept from their male peers? Did George dare ask, dare to reveal her secret to anyone if it gave her some sort of reprieve?

No, probably not.

But her personal troubles were, momentarily, placed upon the back burner as a small, but clearly present, wave of purple began to lap against her shoes and ankles. The Ravenclaw's brows knitted together in confusion as George cast her eyes down the corridor, only to see more and more water growing seemingly from nowhere, and a rather startled (and rather guilty)-looking Sisse Thompsett stood in the middle of it.

Wand at the ready, just in case, George attempted to ford the purple tide.

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Though George is publicly presented as male and should be addressed as He/Him/His, privately she considers herself as female and will use She/Her/Hers pronouns.

Thank Merlin for George Waterford's appearance. Ever since Sisse had gotten stuck with him on the moving staircases last year she'd thought of the older Ravenclaw as something of a friend. Perhaps he could help her. "I-I tried to clean it up." Sisse immediately started to explain. "But it only got worse. Careful, I'm not sure what it will do to you." Mr. Waterford apparently didn't care that the purple water was lapping his shoes, Sisse watched him fretfully as he made his way toward her.

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"But what is it?" the Ravenclaw asked, some concern and a great deal of wariness to her tone. It occurred belatedly to George that this was a question to ask before stepping into it, but it was too late for such a sensible action.

The purple rather fizzed against her ankles as it seeped through the fabric of robes, of socks, but neither burned nor threatened to transfigure her into a guppy, which George thought was a good sign.

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Though George is publicly presented as male and should be addressed as He/Him/His, privately she considers herself as female and will use She/Her/Hers pronouns.

"I-I don't know." Sisse stammered, glad to see that nothing appeared to be happening to Mr. Waterford. "It's coming from the bathroom." She pointed at the seeping liquid from under the door. Maybe now that she knew it wouldn't burn her or make her turn purple, they could investigate the source of it. She stepped forward toward Mr. Waterford, her own pretty boots disappearing into the muck. Mother would scold her for it, but there was nothing she could do about that now.

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