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Sayid Weber
Full Name: Sayid Weber
Nicknames: N/A
Birthdate: August 5, 1867
Current Age: 21 Years
Occupation: Art Instructor @ Hogwarts
Reputation: 7
Is generally considered to be a weirdo that doesn't fully conform to social norms.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: 12", kelpie hair, reasonably supple, vine
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Social Class: Middle
Family: Edward Weber, father, b.1843
Amira Weber nee Essa, mother, b. 1847
Sayid has naturally tanned skin, blue-grey eyes and black hair. He tends to keep his hair a bit longer than is generally considered proper for a man and it has a tendency to curl. He keeps his facial hair trimmed and neat. Sayid has an athletic build and is five feet, eleven inches tall. When it comes to fashion, Sayid doesn't concern himself with it much. His style can generally be considered casual and it is not at all unusual to see him with some sort of paint splattered on him - whether it be new stains or old ones. Sayid is ambidexterous and tends to use both hands interchangeably. Playby: Toni Mahfud.
1867 | Born of an English academic explorer and his Syrian wife, Sayid makes his entrance into the world.

1871 | Sayid begins showing signs of magic which neither of his parents can find a logical reason behind. The incidents seem to cease so they write it off as just very active imaginations. From a very young age, Sayid shows a love for artistic expression - especially on the walls of their home.

1877 | Magic is discovered as being very real. Sayid is fascinated by this and his parents are a little fearful but are not among those muggles that felt the magical folk should be ostracized from society. The entire thing is obliviated from their memories by wizards but they really needn't have bothered as the Weber family would re-discover magic the following year anyway.

1878 | The Webers get a visit from one of the professors of a place called Hogwarts. In September, Sayid goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

1881 | Muggleborn students go missing and Sayid's parents debate whether or not they should pull him out of Hogwarts as it doesn't seem safe for him. Sayid manages to talk them out of it though the later revelation that it was the Minister of Magic himself behind the disappearances does little to alleviate their fears.

1883 | Sayid manages not to be entangled in the Amortentia Tea Crisis - mainly because he doesn't like tea. During the Quidditch World Cup, Sayid gets to meet many members from the maternal side of his family.

1884 | A host of disasters hit Hogsmeade and Sayid is the most glad that he has ever been that he lives in London.

1885 | Sayid graduates from Hogwarts and shifts through job options for a while. In the end, he ends up enrolling in an art school, honing his skills. He begins work as an artist and does reasonably well with it.

1887 | A half-breed ban happens at Hogwarts which Sayid finds ghastly. He is later injured during the World Market but pulls through.

1888 | Hearing that the art instructor position at Hogwarts is open and realizing that he is old enough to apply, Sayid does so.


Creative - Impulsive - Passionate - Accepting - Adaptable - Adventurous
  • His amortentia is the scent of paints, spices and chocolate.
  • Sayid is open-minded when it comes to sexuality and has experimented a time or two. He knows he is not decidedly heterosexual and is open to love from wherever it might come his way.
  • Sayid is very much for equality and at times can be a bit of an activist.
  • Sayid has never conformed to social norms due to his parents also being considered eccentrics by society's standard. For Sayid, those that are rigidly proper are the 'weird' ones that just need to chill.
Sample Roleplay Post:
Monty personally didn't mind the after effects much. A nap, a bit of brandy, some good meat that he thought might still be stashed away somewhere and he'd be good to go once more. He didn't know why Ishmael was being so peculiar tonight. He was pretty sure Ishmael wasn't this way with the blood donors the vampire had. Not that he really knew and he didn't want to think about why he felt a pang of brief jealousy at the thought.

It shook Monty a bit to realize how cared about it made him feel. Not that he didn't often feel it but there was a different quality to it when it was coming from Ishmael. Yet again, it was not something that he wanted to think about. That felt a little like it might open a whole slew of things that Monty had never wanted to deal with.

"You might be surprised by what I can understand," Monty retorted, eyeing the vampire, wondering a little. Then again, maybe if he did he would then wish he hadn't understood. Montys thoughts were going round and round in his head and he didn't know what to do about it. Wondering things - worse, feeling things. The latter of which just might be the scariest thing in the world to the con man.

Ishmael couldn't seem to look him in the eyes anymore and that unnerved Monty a lot more than it should. Please, look at me, he felt the urge to say but didn't. His own nerves going off as he caught up with what was going on with his own self. The things he'd constantly been trying to bury.

But then Ishmael was leaning forward and pressing his mouth to his. And despite the fact that Ishmael had definitely kissed him and then some multiple times before, a realization hit Monty hard. Monty didn't know exactly when it had happened but he was in love with the vampire. Oh no. No no no. That was bad. He didn't know how to care about another person and yet without his permission, it had seemed to just happen. What was the deal?

Monty didn't want to think about. He definitely didn't want Ishmael to realize it. So, he opted for the easy of stopping either of them from thinking. He pressed his lips back to Ishmaels, more passionate, wanting to drown out thoughts until only basic instinct and desire remained. Because that was what he knew. That was what he was comfortable with.

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