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Theodore Trigg
Full Name: Theodore Trigg, Jr.
Nicknames: Teddy
Birthdate: May, 10th, 1868
Current Age: 20
Occupation: Healer, Spell Damage, Hogsmeade Hospital
Reputation: 10, Theodore hasn’t done or been involved with anything wrong…
Residence: Bartonburg North, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Willow, 11", stiff, Unicorn tail hair
Blood Status: Half
Social Class: Upper-Middle
Theodore Trigg, Sr. – Father – 1838
??? Trigg nee ??? – Mother - ???-1872
Gilbert Whitechapel - Best Friend & Almost Brother - 1868
Theodore stands at about 5’8” and is rather slim but well-toned from his years of Quidditch. His clothing tends to stay on the simple side, usually a white undershirt with a brown over coat or vest. His wand hand is his right.

Theodore Trigg, Jr. is born into an upper middle-class family. He is a rather curious child, always sticking his nose into things he shouldn’t be. At the age of three, Theodore shows first signs of magic during a tantrum. His mother dies in a potion’s accident in 1872.
Starts at Hogwarts after his eleventh birthday (1879) and is sorted into Ravenclaw (unsurprisingly). There he meets and befriends Gilbert Whitechapel, soon believing him more a brother then a friend. Theodore teaches him how to read and other skills he would need to be able to stay in school. When the cholera outbreak during their second year takes Gilbert’s family, his father, Theodore Trigg Sr., is able to take in Gilbert and his younger sister Hazel.
It is during second year that Theodore also starts playing for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a chaser.
He works hard to keep his grades up and loves the challenge of a big work load – although at times during his OWLs he does start to regret the three extra electives.
During fifth year is when his annoyance for the other Ravenclaw Theodore, Theodore Gallivan, starts. He doesn’t dislike the boy personally, but the fact he is made Perfect, Head Boy and Quidditch Captain rubs the wrong way.
While Gilbert and Hazel pull out after fifth year, Theodore stays for all seven, finishing with great marks in the NEWT subjects he would need to get into a healer’s traineeship – his life dream. His father and himself try to help the Whitechapel’s as much as they possibly can.
Young adulthood
His move to Hogsmeade and Hogsmeade Hospital after Hogwarts was largely based on the fact that Gilbert and Hazel are based there, not that he would ever admit it. He completed his traineeship 1887 in spell damage medicine before taking a position of healer at the Hospital.
Now he has to work out how to tell his best friend he likes his younger sister… that can only go well… right?
Debater – ENTP
Knowledgeable, Quick Thinkers, Original, Excellent Brainstormer, Charismatic, Energetic
Very Argumentative, Insensitive, Intolerant, Can Find It Difficult to Focus, Dislike Practical Matters
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOE
Care of Magical CreaturesE
Muggle StudiesA
Ancient StudiesE
History of MagicE
Name: Bella
Age: 23
Contact: PM or Discord
Other Characters: Donovan Connolly, Alexandra McPadraic
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