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Agnes Mercier
Full Name: Agnes Ruth Mercier
Nicknames: Aggie
Birthdate: November 24th, 1873
Current Age: Fifteen Years
Occupation: Fourth Year
Reputation: 7. The state of her blended family causes others to turn heads, while her mother's decisions for her children have generally been... less than well-received.
Residence: London, England
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Rowan, 12 inches, Dragon heartstring, Bendy
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle Class
Haywood Mercier, Father [1842]
Mercy Mercier (née -----), Mother [1848]
Travers Mercier, Brother [1871]
Nigel Mercier, Brother [1875]
Agnes is a spitting image of her mother—a dark complexion, dark curls, a wide mouth, and thick brows. She's always been average in both height and weight, and only wears a corset when dressed like a muggle. Her favorite dresses are feminine, floral-patterned, and cover every inch of skin. She writes and wields her wand with her left hand.
1873 | Agnes is born in the middle of the night at her maternal grandparents' home in London following an explosive argument between her mother and father. She is unaware of the way her brother clung to her mother in the aftermath of childbirth, or the way her grandparents in the following hours about living arrangements for their daughter and her children. They'd always said Mercy should have never married a muggle—and at the time, they believed they'd been right. The argument that sent Mercy to her parents house is soon resolved, though, and Agnes returns to the London home she should have been born in.

1875 | Agnes welcomes a baby brother, Nigel. He's ugly and cries and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him, especially when his birth coincides with another fight between her parents. Every argument is followed by an eerie calmness, almost like nothing had happened at all...

1877 | Early in the year Agnes is assaulted by visions of fire, screams, and an overwhelming feeling of despair. She's woken every night by her own screams, always seeking affirmation that her mother is alive and well. That summer, the muggle uprisings begin; it's impossible not to pick up on the hushed whispers between her mother and grandparents. She doesn't know what a muggle is—not yet—but from the way they're spoken of, she imagined they were no different from other monsters.

1878 | Her mother's bold decision to send her and her brother to a local schoolhouse rather than educate her under the watchful eye of a governess is questioned by every member of her family—including her father, who always seems to give into his wife's whims no matter how strongly he feels on a subject. She doesn't enjoy school as her brother does and has trouble making friends. On alarming incident sees her permanently removed from the school: after being punished (humiliated, in her own words) for writing with the wrong hand, she slams a hand down on his desk, which inexplicably causes the papers on his desk to scatter onto the floor and crumble into balls! It's ridiculous—and totally not her fault.

1880 | The first time she witnesses magic with her own two eyes is something she'll never forget. Her mother takes she and her siblings to Hogsmeade without any prior explanation. Agnes, Travers, and Nigel spend the bizarre three-hour period ogling the oddly-dressed passersby, exchanging alarmed glances when objects seem to move in seemingly impossible ways, and taking mental notes at any out-of-place word they catch. Agnes deduces that her mother is a witch, which is... not hard, considering the word "witches" seems to replace "women" in every conversation her mother has. They return home without a single word of explanation, which is more odd than the experience itself! Does father know? Is her mother okay? She has her doubts.

1882 | Her mother finally lets something slip about the magical world, but only when Travers receives his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Apparently they're not meant to talk about anything relating to the magical world around their father, with the threat of punishment hanging over their heads. That same night, she has a very traumatizing dream: her mother in bed with someone who is clearly not her husband, doing things that make Agnes feel queasy.

1883 | Agnes accompanies her mother back to Hogsmeade, happy to at least have some context this time. They visit Mrs. ------, a woman who has two children around she and Nigel's age. Their household is much different from hers—vibrant colors, strange artifacts, and an enchanting atmosphere that leaves Agnes in awe until she finds a new distraction: Mrs. -----'s husband. Agnes immediately recognizes him as the man who shared a bed with a mother in her dream, and begins to deduce what's really happening. She confronts her mother about it later that evening, earning her a swift slap to the face and an hour-long scolding.

1885 | Finally, after years of watching her brother leave for Hogwarts for months at a time, Agnes gets to join him. She has little knowledge of Hogwarts, but is too embarrassed to admit as much to the students she meets on the train. She arrives at the castle—which really is a castle—and is sorted into Ravenclaw. She takes to her classes but not to the social scene; her dreams become more graphic and more frequent inside Hogwarts, and are usually focused around any potential friend she might make. The only people she truly feels comfortable with are other "weird" kids—ones who embrace their oddities, aren't prudish and prissy, or make her feel relatively normal by comparison.

1886 | She begins drinking forgetfulness potions every morning in an attempt to rid herself of her disturbing dreams, especially when she begins to realize there's some truth in every single one. It helps with the dreams, but also ruins late-night study sessions. Ugh.

1887 | At the beginning of third year she adds Divination, Ancient Runes, and Muggle Studies to her schedule. She takes to Divination like a natural—probably because she is. Every dream and vision of hers is explained by the existence of "The Sight", a magical gift that functions more like a curse in her case. She begins formulating ways to get rid of it despite her textbook's insistence that it's impossible to learn or lose.

1888 | One of her friends suggest they invent a solution to her Sight. They begin crafting a potion that Agnes hopes will function like a dreamless sleep potion... but, you know, for visions.
❧ Agnes has the Sight. Her visions focus on things that society seems as "improper"—sexual acts, violence, and other weird things that the people around her are into.
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