Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Elias Grimstone
    In Character
    Full Name: Elias Jasper Grimstone

    Nicknames: None

    Birthdate: July 7th, 1859

    Current Age: 23 Years

    Occupation: Broomstick Maker

    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

    Wand: Oak, 13", dragon heartstring, flexible

    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Middle

    • Simon Grimstone - Father, muggle, resides in Portsmouth

      Simon was a tradesman in the lower-class, though after struggling with jobs he has settled as a carpenter. He did love Lucille, but he could not cope very well with magical society, and upon watching all three children go off to faraway Hogwarts, familial relations with Simon have been quite strained.

      Lucille Grimstone, nee Edgecombe - Mother, pureblooded witch, resides in Portsmouth

      Originating from a low-end middle class, pureblooded family as their only daughter, Lucille's family thought muggle Simon Grimstone was all wrong for her. Nevertheless, they had fallen in love, and Lucille was happy to give up her magical life for her new husband. She is intelligent and resourceful, and makes the most of what they have, though she does miss being close to her three children.

      Ruth Grimstone - Sister, aged nineteen, Ollivander Wands' employee

      Elias and Ruth have always been close, facing the struggle of poverty in their early life, and strengthening their sibling bond in both getting sorted in Gryffindor. They are quite alike in temperament, and could discuss the topic of wand and broomstick woods all day.

      Anthony Grimstone - Brother, aged seventeen, Ravenclaw

      Elias has always tried his best to be a role-model to Tony, and has always been rather protective. Living in Hogsmeade without their parents, he feels it is even more vital to look out for Anthony, though doesn't think he knows his little brother as well as he should.

    • Tall and lean, Elias is instantly visible upon entering a room for his uncommon height of 6'3". However, he cannot be called haughty, for he doesn't hold himself too-rigidly straight... in fact, more often than not, he is leaning over a worktop and knuckling down to his broomstick-making. He is right handed. His eyes are a stark, bright blue, especially expressive unless his thoughts are faraway. His hair is a sandy sort of blond-brown colour, having darkened slightly over the years, and unless he leaves the house, it looks as though he has just gotten out of bed. Actually, when he goes outside he is often on a broomstick, and so always looks rather windswept. His youth is more obvious when he is clean-shaven and properly dressed, but one can guess his mindset from his appearance: it starts with stubble appearing and Elias refusing to stop his work and shave, and without intervention, it reaches the point at which he looks a ragged mess in rumpled three-day-old clothes. In fact, he was once mistaken as a beggar having accidentally wandered into his workshop.
    • Born in Portsmouth in the lower class, it was at about the time of his first son's birth that Simon Grimstone lost his job. He searched high and low in desperation for a new one, whilst his wife Lucille discreetly used magic to stretch the material possessions they had. Luckily, his parents' love meant there was always enough affection for him, and Elias was not left alone as an only child, but joined by a younger sister, and then, a younger brother. By his brother's birth, the problem of poverty was becoming more evident, and Elias, though still a boy, realised he could help his family by doing odd jobs and earning a meagre pay. Lucille's parents may have been more giving had she not gone and disgraced herself by marrying a muggle, and her parents never got to know Simon as he bluntly refused involvement in magical society. When Elias showed his first sign of magic - prompting an explanation from his mother about the magical world - and later, his siblings did too, their father closed off even more. He had been a kind father, those days when he had not been too tired or depressed to face the children, but as it set in that all three were magical, Simon stopped trying so hard. Oh, he continued to support them, as was clearly necessary, but started to favour his new carpentry work over being with his family, stopped talking so much; even Lucille felt a little neglected.

      Elias, at age eleven, left his family - and Portsmouth and the only world he had really known - for Hogwarts. It would be a dream come true - oh, magic, and its possibilities! - and he was sorted into Gryffindor. Courage and chivalry; Elias was rather pleased with himself. He loved Hogwarts, though he had not anticipated the problems of being in close proximity to children of the upper classes. He was generally ignored by them, though some students were more compassionate and adventurous, and others more brutal. Nevertheless, Elias worked hard at making friends and at his classes, and essentially fell in love with magic and all it could achieve. He had always had a spark of creativity, of inventiveness, though at Hogwarts this could only be seen in his determined acts of building odd artefacts, improving anything he came across with obvious flaws, and setting his mind rigorously to anything he attempted. His love of flying hit him immediately, in first year, and he joined the Gryffindor team the next year. Playing as Chaser was all well and good, and Elias' talent not half bad, and though he entertained the idea of perhaps going on to play professionally, he came to the conclusion that the competitiveness was not for him. It was the mechanics of the thing that enthralled him, the very act of flying itself.

      He achieved reasonably good results on both his OWLs and NEWTs, but immediately after graduation he dived into something he had been planning to try for an age. He gathered his materials, did some research, and then spent the next year experimenting tirelessly. Hundreds of prototypes - of varying success - later, Elias had himself a real broomstick. Not just a good one, but a great one. The Oakshaft 79, he christened it, and his claim that it was sturdy enough to fly you across the world was not unjust... it worked brilliantly. Awareness grew, demand rocketed, and popularity soared, all in a matter of months. After struggling to put three children through school, Simon and Lucille's first son's education had paid off, for Elias was now facing an unforeseen windfall. Business didn't slow, though living in Diagon Alley became a redundant notion as the wizarding society of Hogsmeade grew, so by the autumn of 1880, Elias had bought a modest Bartonburg house and set up a personal workshop in it.


      Continuing to meet the demand for the Oakshaft, Elias started brainstorming, both for improved broomstick models and utterly different ideas. With his newfound profits and good name, the notion entered his mind of sometime finding a wife and settling down whilst his good fortune lasted, though he could not bring himself to actively look. Elias found himself especially glad he hadn't, for in April 1881 he encountered Miss Evangeline Asperhand, a girl that took his breath away. It didn't take long to realise his feelings - and hers in return - though it seemed love never came hand in hand with practicality, for she was upper-class, out of his league, and out of the question. But there was no getting her out of his head.
      He has still been unable to secure her family's approval, but had to come to realise he could do without it. Having hardly been able to even spend much time with her due to her being at Hogwarts and in the presence of constant chaperones, Elias awaits the day of her graduation.

      In the meantime, his time is taken up by business. (Business is hardly the right word -- making broomsticks is Elias' heart and soul!) He already missed out during the time of the Hogsmeade Trail, but in August 1882, an area of Bartonburg burned down, leaving the Grimstone house and Elias' workshop in ashes. Though not seriously injured, his productivity plunged, orders backed up for months or more, and his morale fell. No matter, though; it takes more than a little fire or disaster to stop Elias Grimstone.

    • A Gryffindor through and through, Elias is courageous, adventurous and chivalrous, and does not like to limit himself to a constrained life. He's very loyal to his family and to those he befriends, but shows his dislike freely if one is found to be on his bad side. He is fantastically creative and inventive, and hardly a believer in tradition, because he is always able to see possibilities and improvements. He worried regularly about the future, due to the past being so unstable, but the stress of the present all goes into his heartfelt work. He is a workaholic and a perfectionist, and will continue to slave over something until absolutely satisfied. On other, more mundane pasttimes, Elias can seem disinterested, disorganised, and absent-minded. Sometimes he gets carried away by his one-track mind and forgets the simplest of things. When he's engaged with someone or something, he'll give everything he has and be completely enthusiastic and sincere, but otherwise, no reaction can be taken for granted. He often favours his work to social interaction, and needs prompts to keep up relations, but even though he finds himself out-of-practice in that scene, he can be relied on to be friendly, fun, considerate, and usually polite.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Quote:When he looked up and scanned the scene before him, he soon spotted a girl at a grave. She was the only person around, at least, and judging by her movements towards a grave in particular, he took a guess at her reason for being here. He didn't recognise her. He couldn't see the name on the grave it seemed she was headed for, either; though he squinted for a moment, the words engraved on it were simply blocked from view.

    Elias' errant curiosity faded after his quick survey, and his own gaze and thoughts simultaneously drifted back to his own problems, allowing her to do the same. It wasn't long before she called out a question, but it was sudden enough to make Elias start, and seemed to come completely from out of the blue.

    The very question may have been the only one in the world right now that could have conjured up the ghost of a smile as Elias glanced warmly at the broom by his side and then looked up at the young woman. "It's an Oakshaft," He called out in return, tilting up the handle slightly in case that helped her at all, "An Oakshaft '79. I couldn't really fly anything else, myself..." He added, the corner of his lips turning up a little further in a wry grin as he shrugged casually, unable to help himself. With her attentions on the broom, Elias glanced at the girl again, wondering at her interest. Of course - knowing Evangeline, for one - he was certainly of the belief women could enjoy flying equally, but she almost seemed around Hogwarts age and he was very aware that young ladies were all banned from Quidditch now. And that was more than a pity.

    Out of Character
    Name: MJ

    Age: 17

    Contact: PM is fine!

    Other Characters: See CML

    How did you hear about us?: Just stumbled upon you!
    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]
    Hi MJ, everything looks great! Just a quick technicality - since it is only February, Elias wouldn't turn 22 until this upcoming April. ^^
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    Oops, sorry!
    Fixed that, just blame my lack of mathematical skill xD
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    Thanks! ;D You should be titled in a few minutes.

    Accepted! Please post with your new character in the Character Master List thread. ^^
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
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