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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree ( Submit your own)
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Brigit Langley for Fletcher Langley.
The Matchmaking Menace
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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In Florida, No One Can Hear Your Screams
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April 7th, 1889 — Hogwarts Corridors
For Conundrum Roulette

Imagine, if you will, an ordinary corridor, one you've traversed many times since your first arrival at Hogwarts. You are there.

Now imagine that the corridor has been turned into something resembling a Floridian swamp (not that you, a British youth in the Victorian era, are likely to know what that is). While you're standing in it.

Now imagine Peeves flying up and down, cackling like a maniac as he carries an alligator like it's a lance and he a jousting knight.

No, wait, you don't need to imagine it. You're living it.

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Now, Frida was by no means the cleverest girl to attend Hogwarts, but she had enough common sense to know that a long creature with a long beak and sharp teeth was probably a danger to her person. (And that was before her mind had even begun trying to wrap her head around that she was standing in a mushy pile of mud, water, and grass that needed trimming.)

"You'll be expelled for this, Peeves!" she called out weakly, cowering in a corner behind a statue that had seemingly been swallowed by a sea of weeds. "This is unacceptable!" Her hand resting on the wand that sat in her pocket, she couldn't begun to craft a solution to this problem—not yet.

there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset

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