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Evaine McPadraic
Full Name: Evaine Bianca McPadraic nee Needham
Nicknames: Evie
Birthdate: May 1st, 1861
Current Age: 27 years
Occupation: Wife
Reputation: 8 – changed class
Residence: Manor just outside of Hogsmeade.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Dogwood, 7", limp, unicorn hair
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Upperclass
Family: With her jump in class, Evaine rarely associates with her family of origins any more. Especially her brothers. Hmph!
Appearance: Evaine is a typical height for a woman of her class and dietary habits. She is emaciated, though her elaborate dresses hide the worst of it. Her face is painted into a healthy pallor – and none are permitted to see her a moment before. She is righthanded.
1861 – Born second on the fair-weather 1st of May, Evaine came into this world screaming until she learned how to faint on command.
1872 – Evaine is sorted into Hufflepuff, mostly based on her driving obsession with getting Daddy’s attention. Both from the throes of an eating disorder and a general lack of scholastic interest, the skill Evaine best hones in class is drawing enough pity to get classmates and professors alike to take pity on her.
1875 – 2nd brother born. She hates him, but not as much as her older brother.
1876 – Evaine bombs her OWLs, and not even fainting again gets her out of it. She’s shuffled off to Pendergast. 3Rd brother is born. She blames the stress of him for her failure.
1877 – Hogsmeade established.
1882 – Evaine graduates from Pendergast. She keeps her head low but sets her aims high.
1884 – Evaine waxes poetry about wanting a large family of her own. Spying an upper class man old enough to have fathered her, Evaine makes certain to reminisce about the diviner who ‘foresaw’ 16 sons in her future within earshot of Auror Arthur McPadraic. They are married within the year. Somehow, the wedding night seems longer than what is supposed to be the best day of her life.
1885 – The honeymoon period is short for Evaine. She sees scorn in every polite smile. She prays for quick pregnancy, and that they be quadruplets and boys.
1886 – Her prayers are finally, finally answered. For months, she is a glowing expectant mother who lathers pity onto all the poor unwed and barren women. And then – she miscarries. An old maid in her circle shows sincere remorse for Evaine... a thing she’s been chasing all her life. She hates it, and she hates the woman for it. Grief fermented into bitten down rage, and her eldest stepdaughter bore the brunt of it.
1887 – She is pregnant again. She turns to astronomers and fortune tellers (the suckiest-up of them all) to assure herself that she’ll have quadruplet sons. She has one son, assumes this son ate the other three, and takes an instant shining to him. Evaine dotes on Gareth excessively in front of her stepchildren.
1889 – Currently, Evaine’s greatest pleasure in life is sharing her misery. She is constantly ‘ill’ and ‘afraid of passing it onto’ her husband. She’s also feigning morning sickness.
Personality: The first thing one might notice about Evaine is her eagerness to make a guest feel comfortable with tea and ‘accidental’ jokes. She’s quick to offer her help and loves nothing more than championing a worthy cause for a woman of her stature.
Two-faced, needy, and desperate to be the center of attention, Evaine flourishes within the most pitiable vices of what a woman is expected to be. Though quick to offer her help, she is not so quick to follow through. She has a sympathetic shoulder for anyone who pays her proper worship... and then when they don’t, the rumors start. Her greatest weapon is the non-apology.
She has a charming wit.
Other: Considers cinnamon ‘too spicy’.
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