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The Sound of Silence [NEWT Charms]
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March 11, 1889 - Hogwarts

Nonverbal spells were some of Ellsworth’s favorites. Although year after year his students seemed to hate the class when he taught it. But depending on what they planned to go into it really was one of the most useful things they would learn while with him. Today was the day that he would begin teaching them. The sixth and seventh years trooped into his class looking rather as if he would assign them to simply reading and studying again.

Good morning, today we shall begin on nonverbal spells.” Ellsworth begin, quickly dispelling the notion of a boring class. “You shall pick a spell, tell me what it is and then cast it without saying anything. I do not expect you all to master this in one class, but there will be house points available for those who do succeed.” He cautioned them knowing that they would quickly get annoyed with the prospect once it proved to be not as easy as expected. He nodded to the first student. “Please begin.

[b]Skill:[/b] Okay, Good, Excellent [Most students will be at the okay-good level]
[b]Spell Being Attempted:[/b] [And what year of Charms they would have learned it in]

Open to all 6th and 7th year NEWT students
Finally they weren’t going to be dragging on the last charm they had learned. In fact it seemed as if they were about to learn a very helpful skill. When Professor Ruskin’s gaze landed on him Somersby decided on a summoning spell. “I’ll be summoning that textbook sir.” Somersby nodded at the book on Professor Ruskin’s desk.

Skill: Okay
Spell Being Attempted: Accio, OWL Level

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