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Charming Memes [Image Heavy]
It's simple, you can create or find a meme that reminds you of something Charming related.

This is me, and I'm sure that most of y'all can relate.

Magic by MJ!

I know I haven't been here that long, but I feel like this will eventually be me as I am an rp addict:
[Image: 35d8kd.jpg]
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   Elias Grimstone, Ophelia Devine
Me right now in regards to Felicity:
[Image: 35i5vb.jpg]
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   Aldous Crouch
Because ya'll are awesome, especially my buddy and everyone who contributes to the buddy system <3  
[Image: 35iey7.jpg]
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We've all been there.

[Image: 36l63t.jpg]
[Image: 36l6mq.jpg]
When you trying to get 200 posts by the end of Summer for the Camp Charming Stamp:

[Image: 36l728.jpg]
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[Image: 36l8ik.jpg]
[Image: 36lzrg.jpg]
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   Acacia Ruskin
[Image: 36pkyd.jpg]

How I see this entire thread.

Magic by MJ!

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