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Konstantin Fisk vs. Kentigern MacFusty
February 2nd, 1889 — Howler Stadium

Before long, the wizard thought, one of the men before him—and it was, indeed, only men left in the tournament—would be declared champion. Not wanting to delay that moment unduly as it had been a long day, Nik swiftly reviewed the rules.

"Mr. Fisk, you may begin!"

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@Konstantin Fisk/@Elladora Black

set by soph!
Feeling rather pleased with himself for having advanced so far - though it was hardly the first time - Konstantin bowed to his new opponent and promptly sent a fully body bind.

@Kentigern MacFusty @Roberto Devine

[Image: Bkpxf5.png]
fabulous moody set by MJ <3
Returning the niceties, Kentigern countered the body bind with the conjunctivitis curse.

@Aldous Crouch
"First point to Mr. MacFusty," Nik announced, "who will begin our next round."

You have 72 hours to post.
@Kentigern MacFusty/@Roberto Devine

set by soph!
For his next turn, Tiger decided to go for a body freezing spell. The other man couldn't cast against him if he couldn't move, right?

@Elladora Black / @Konstantin Fisk
Nimbly twirling his wand Konstantin drew a circle through the air to conjure a thick cloak to fall on top of the other man and send him off course.

@Aldous Crouch

[Image: Bkpxf5.png]
fabulous moody set by MJ <3
Nik announced, "Mr. MacFusty is our winner, and will progress to the final round of the tournament."


set by soph!

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