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Echelon-Arnost To Defend Vampire
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
February 18th, 1889
Echelon-Arnost To Defend Vampire
Investigation Faces Unexpected Legal Challenge

The investigation into the death of Jean-Claude Baudelaire, who disappeared from his Hogsmeade restaurant on February 1st, may be prolonged by the arrival of a new player on the legislative scene. August Echelon-Arnost, defense attorney, has agreed to represent the vampire who was arrested on suspicion of the crime on February 7th. The suspect's name was not released at the time, but she has since been identified as a vampire who has been living in Great Britain for many years, who goes primarily by "Galina."

The case seemed on the verge of conclusion following the vampire's arrest. Although she has not cooperated with Department of Magical Law Enforcement interviews or interrogations, she also failed to offer any evidence or witnesses in her defense. It is unclear who contacted Mr. Echelon-Arnost on her behalf, as the Ministry states she did not correspond with him while in their custody. Also unclear are his motivations for stepping in on this particular case. A former colleague of Echelon-Arnost recollected that he "can be a real bleeding heart, sometimes, if there's a good cause," and speculated that his involvement in this case may have a political motivation.

Neither Echelon-Arnost nor his client offered any comment for the paper.

Little is known about the vampire Galina's history prior to her incarceration. She may have arrived in Great Britain between ten and thirty years ago, but likely has a much more extensive history elsewhere. It is not known whether she is responsible for any previous deaths, though a representative for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement did clarify that she is only under investigation for the murder of Baudelaire as of this time.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Lynn
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