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Tybalt Kirke vs. Handsome Whitledge
Barnabas had always had a strong general dislike for quidditch and those who played it. There were much more important things to spend one times doing, rather than flying around on a broomstick and chasing balls. That was for children. Yet here he was, with two men (albeit younger than he) who did such things and were paid for it. Drearily, he reviewed the rules and then announced, "Mr. Kirke, the floor is yours."

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Having made it to the second round, Tybalt relaxed still further. He remembered Mr. Skeeter from the Irvingly expedition - or at least, the start of it - and Whitledge was obviously no stranger to this quidditch pitch, either. It was always a little different, duelling someone you knew instead of a stranger - and quidditch players did have the advantage of quick reflexes.

Since he was starting, Tybalt opted for a Tongue-Tying curse, hoping that would trip Handsome up with his counter.
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His second match was shaping up to be more exciting than his first. Handsome was all too enthusiastic to face Kirke, not because he wanted to win the tournament, but solely because he wanted to prove he was the dominant dueler. (Although he quickly realized that, despite knowing Kirke's strengths on the quidditch pitch, he had no idea what sort of student he'd been. Probably not top of his class.)

"Silencio," he cast in defense, hoping to silence his team-mate.

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"The point is awarded to Mr. Whitledge, who will begin the second round," He announced drearily, quite ready for this to be over. For someone who was head of the dueling commission, his lack of enthusiasm for doing his job would have been surprising for those who were unfamiliar with Barnabas Skeeter.

Tybalt = 3, Handsome = 7
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Wand raised, Handsome attempted to knock Kirke right off his feet with a stunning spell.

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Shame. That hadn't gone particularly well. Whitledge had been head boy, Tyb thought, must be the overachieving sort. So it might be his last round to give it a go, and better try for something worthwhile: Melofors was an old favourite. Time to give Whitledge a pumpkin head, perhaps.
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Eugene was supposed to be off this round, having done his fair share of these this morning, but clearly that was not going to be the case here.

He watched it happen in slow motion- Whitledge's stunning spell hitting Kirke just as he cast, sending the quidditch player reeling backward and his intended spell right toward Skeeter instead. Even Eugene, who had pretty good reflexes, wasn't fast enough to even attempt to minimize the damage. Before anyone knew it, Skeeter was sporting a wonderfully orange, very large pumpkin for a head. Slacking for half a second- torn between laughing and mild concern, Eugene quickly assumed Skeeter's position, grabbing the pumpkin head by the sleeve to keep him from wandering, and announced "I think we can give that to Whitledge." From what he'd seen that was the end of that round, thank Merlin.

If it counted for anything, he gave Kirke the style points. Now he just had to see about setting Skeeter straight... in a minute, this was hilarious.

Tybalt = 6, Handsome = 7
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