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Holly Scrimgeour vs. Sapphire Weasley
February 9th, 1889 — Hogwarts Great Hall

“Miss Scrimgeour will cast first,” the wizard informed the ladies as he reviewed the tournament’s rules, “with Miss Weasley defending, and then you shall switch. Remember to be mindful of safety!”

The young Hufflepuff’s own sister had once literally taken another student’s eye out, and so Hamish looked in particular at Sapphire as he said it. He didn’t think either young girl was likely to flout any rules, though, and so without further ado, bit the Slytherin to commence.

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If her own pride had not interfered, Holly might have called foul at the prospect of being paired with an OWL-level student. A year apart in age was less detrimental when the subject matter was similar, but there was a considerable difference between intro-level defensive studies and OWL-level defensive material. Holly had fortunately been blessed with tutors such as Seneca Lestrange and other older students from the moment her Hogwarts education began - perhaps that's why the staff though to pair her with the Weasley girl.

As the rules were being read, Holly deduced that the only was to defeat an OWL-level student was to use OWL-level spells; and although her formal Hogwarts education had never covered more advanced spells, Holly was the sort who sought to advance her knowledge at every possible opportunity. Thus, when given the go-ahead, Holly raised her wand and attempted to make Miss Weasley vomit slugs.

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Sapphire decided to use a sheild charm. Hopefully she didn't cast it to slow to be ineffective.
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The Hufflepuff's shield charm held.

"First point Weasley," Hamish announced brightly. "Miss Weasley, please begin."

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Sapphire decided to try and turn Miss Scrimgeour's wand into a dragon with the Draconifors spell.

@Edric Umbridge

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Hands shaking and face beat red, Holly attempted to enlarge Miss Weasel's nose to five times its normal size.

you know who made this? heck yeah, MJ did
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The young Miss Weasley, Hamish decided, shared in her sister's dueling skill—though, thankfully, lacked the elder's more...uncontrolled promise.

"Congratulations, Miss Weasley," the professor offered. "Five points to Hufflepuff, and you shall move on to the next round!"


set by the long-lost bex

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