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Vampire Arrested
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
February 9th, 1889
Vampire Arrested
Baudelaire's Killer Found

Two days ago an arrest was made in the murder investigation of Hogsmeade restauranteer Jean-Claude Baudelaire. Lead investigator Arthur McPadraic was seen escorting a vampire matching the murderer's description into the Ministry on February 7th. Although reporters were able to capture a picture of the woman, her identity has not been released by the department and no one has been able to recognize her so far. The vampire is apparently being held at the Ministry, but the case remains open.

Despite his experience within the auror division, McPadraic seemed uncomfortable talking to our reporters when offering a statement. "The DMLE is doing everything in its power to get to the bottom of this horrible case. One suspect has been arrested. That is all I can say about the investigation right now," McPadraic said, declining to reveal the vampire's name or other identifying facts. Regarding the case's open status, he remarked, "Until this case is solved, the DMLE advises everyone living in Hogsmeade, if possible, to avoid going outside after dark, and if you must, to carry a bulb of garlic. No, I really can't say anything more. Thank you."

Is the Department of Magical Law Enforcement keeping the case open because they suspect the vampire currently in custody had an accomplice? Is this the beginning of the discovery of a much larger crime circle or ring of vampire murderers? Unfortunately, only time will tell.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Lynn feat. Gabriel

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