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Urquart Returns to Ministry
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
Feb 8th, 1889

Urquart Returns to Ministry
Former Minister Now Chief Unspeakable

After more than a year seemingly evading the public eye, a release from the Minsitry of Magic has revealed that Balthazar Urquart, formerly the Minister of Magic himself, will be returning to magical government, heading up the Department of Mysteries. He will reportedly officially take the office on Monday, though has been spotted on Ministry premises by several keen-eyed individuals this week.

As Minister of Magic from 1884 to 1887, Mr. Urquart instigated a number of modest reforms as he toed the line between his progressive leanings and the predominantly traditionalist Wizengamot. Known to be on friendly terms with his successor, many have wondered since Minister Ross’ appointment if Urquart would be granted a position (those individuals may now be feeling rather vindicated).

Mr. Urquart himself was not available for comment on the news, and it seems safe to speculate that his return to the Department of Mysteries (where he served as Assistant Head from 1876 until his election) will do little to loosen his tongue.
Archie Skeeter
Written by Kayte

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