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Family Dinners
February 3, 1889 - Nott Home, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
@Warwick Nott

Family dinners often proved tedious, at least in Seraphina’s opinion. The same people, the same conversations, the same dull jokes and odious stories. Really one could simply die of boredom after dressing for supper and making their way through the small talk of the day. At least they were marginally more amusing when Warwick could join them, then she could jibe him mercilessly about his lack of a wife.

This evening Warwick had decided to join them. Carina and the husband (Seraphina only ever referred to him as the husband) had even deigned to join them, although, quite frankly, Seraphina felt they added rather less to the company then they ought to have. Then again, Carina was rather lacking in personality, if Seraphina were being truthful.

The women had taken to the parlor after dinner and it wasn’t long before the men joined them after dinner. Thank Merlin, Seraphina didn’t think she could handle being regaled by yet another tale of Carina’s misfortunes with her staff. Their mother seemed to think the same thing as she soon had commandeered Carina, the husband, and their father into a game of whisk leaving Seraphina and Warwick to their own devices.

Sitting near the fire Seraphina tilted her glass of sherry to take a small sip. “So father finally arranged a match for you.” She stated, her words almost bored and disappointed. Warwick’s increasingly likely chance of being a confirmed bachelor was finally being remedied by their parents. Surely her brother might have found himself a wife by this point, and yet he’d been pushed into a match instead.
It was nice to see Carina at family dinner. As the sibling closest to him in age, he’d always had a sort of fondness for her. His other sister was far too stubborn, and his bother was far too young to establish a better connection than the one he had for his married sister. Her husband was a good choice, and Warwick did like being an uncle. It gave him distant experience with children before having his own.

Still, it was nice to not have children in the household for this dinner, with his brother also being in school with their niece and nephew. If only Seraphina would simply shut up about his lack of marriage. She was to be a spinister, and she was worried about him? At least he was now betrothed. With her pickiness, it would be a surprise if father really could find a match for her at all. While he enjoyed the single life, he knew that time was to come to an end. He excepted that, for his father’s sake.

While he didn’t want to get stuck with the ever hypocritical Seraphina, it was better than the game that their mother had roped Carina into. If only their brother was here, the lad could drone on about school. A less tense topic to discuss. The first words out of his sister’s mouth were predictable. "Yes. My time as a single man will come to an end once she debuts." He stated. He was sure that aunt of hers was likely already trying to plan the wedding.

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Ah, young blood.” Seraphina nodded. Men always liked their women young, didn’t they? Young, naive, and silly little things. Seraphina was almost certain her brother’s soon to be wife would fall into this category, although her voice was carefully nuteutral. Not all men preferred wives such as that, Seraphina knew of enough that she hardly worried for her own age on the matter. She was sophisticated and beautiful, she had nothing to worry about and plenty of suitors still seeking for her attentions.

She swirled her drink in her cup, watching as the dark liquid lapped up the sides. After taking another sip she looked up at her brother, “From the Lukeson family, correct?” The poor Lukeson family with their many tragedies. Hadn’t both their parents died only this past year? Although hadn’t she seen an article about the mother just yesterday…?

I think the family was mentioned in yesterday’s paper. Did you have a moment to read it?” Seraphina’s words were carefully crafted, an almost playful glint in her eye as she assessed her brother’s knowledge.
It seemed logical to have younger wives. More years that they could have children, and keep up with said children. He wasn't to be the one responsible for taking care of them of course. That was the job of the wife and the nanny. The personality didn't matter since it was arranged. "Yes, a young bride. With any luck, it would mean plenty of heirs." He responded. It did seem that Miss Lukeson's family had plenty of girls in the family tree. So if she could at least have enough children to have a few boys, that would be ideal. Hopefully no twins. Rotten luck with those.

He had seen the article on the first. What an interesting turn of events. How would the mother react to her daughter's betrothal? It had seemed that Mrs. Lukeson was an odd one, and not a purist. Hopefully her daughter had a more tame personality. "Yes, the Lukeson family. The eldest daughter. Out of school already." Though he hadn't met the young woman yet, he was curious to meet her.

"It wasn't yesterday, Seraphina. It was the day before. But yes, I have read it. An odd turn of events. I do wonder if the accusations of Mrs. Lukeson being alive are correct." He wasn't sure how he felt about it aside from a healthy level of curiosity.

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Heirs. Seraphina rather thought of children as brats with their sticky fingers and tendency to tears. One day she’d bare her husband heirs, as the men referred to them, but she was quite content to hand them into the care of their nanny. “With a family that large I am sure luck will be on your side.” After all the mother had supposedly died of grief after baring her fourth? ... fifth? child.

Seraphina didn’t bother to keep the skepticism out of her tone. “Out of school and not debuted yet?” Whatever was wrong with the girl?

Seraphina shook her head, “Only you would call rumors of a dead mother returned to life accusations. Worried for your betrothal?” Afterall her mother had said the match had been made by the girl’s aunt as her oldest brother was hardly older than her.
The spread of pure blood was always something to keep in mind when thinking of heirs. And it was good to have an heir so that the child may spread the Nott name to future generations. The name and the views of his family were important for him to pass along. "Yes. She has been mourning since having left school. It would be inappropriate for her to debut." He pointed out, ignoring the previous comment. He would have preferred a bride that would be ready for marriage, though it was nice to have a young bride for more time to have children.

Wasn't it true that it was only an accusation? Or a rumor as his sister preferred to refer to it. "I would say accusation, as rumor implies idle gossip and not much else. Accusation due to the fact that authorities are actively working on the case. How this reflects on my reputation would be my only concern." If his father had to find him a new betrothed, that wouldn't be too bad. Though he wouldn't wish for others to look negatively onto his family.

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